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Try Our 10 Life Hacks to Hide Greasy Hair

8 Min Read

For the past few years it has been a trend to let the hair rest and not wash it too often. Sometimes you just need a trick to hide greasy hair. Well…we have ten great life hacks for doing just that!

1. Do not Wash It

Not washing your hair every day will save you a lot of time. The fact is that the scalp typically adjusts its sebum production according to how often you wash it. That is because if you remove the hair’s natural oils, the glands that produce sebum in the scalp will start to compensate by producing more of it. Get your hair used to not getting shampoo every day by washing a day later than you normally would, and then increase the time in between washes. If you get greasy hair in the beginning of the process, hide it using our other tricks below!

2. Use a Shower Cap

This will keep your hair dry on the days you shower without washing the hair. It will preserve your hairstyle and prevent the hair from picking up moisture.

3. Use The Right Kind of Products

Using a high quality shampoo with natural ingredients can help make your hair feel clean longer. And if you are trying to extend the time in between washes, just try to use as few styling products as possible. Oily products build up on the scalp and makes it greasy faster, so take that into account when you plan your washing days.

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4. Dry Shampoo

This is the classic trick to make greasy hair disappear. Spray the dry shampoo of your choice on your roots, let rest and then style your hair as usual. If you are going for the more voluminous look, use the palm of your hand to rub the dry shampoo in and ruffle the hair around.

5. Use Baby Powder

Some of us use the trick to grab some baby powder instead of dry shampoo. But don’t go crazy and dump a whole lot of powder directly on your hair. Instead, sprinkle some baby powder on a tissue, place it over your roots and scrunch it together with your fingers to spread it evenly on the roots. This will soak up excess oil without messing up your hairstyle.

6. Hairstyles Can Distract From Greasy Hair

If you do have a greasy hair day and are pressed on time, put your hair up in a style that distracts from greasy roots. The easiest is a slick ponytail, but if you feel creative and have a little more time, try a fake undercut. Do this by making two rows of French braids close to your head on one side. A super popular style is the “hun” – the halfway bun. Spray dry shampoo on your top hair roots and pull your top hair into a messy bun on top of your head. Secure it with hairpins and create a good amount of mussiness.

7. Accessories

Use accessories! A silk scarf around your head will make you look boho chic in a few seconds. A hat covers more, if you feel like it. If you have greasy bangs, a headband or a diadem is a good way to hide them until you have time to wash.

8. Change the Placing of Your Part

It can be as simple as that! If your hair is lying flat around your face it will look greasy faster than if it is in a crazy updo. No time for that? Just spray a little dry shampoo on the roots and turn your centered part into a deep sided one. Changing the direction of your hair roots will give the hair a little more bounce and it will immediately look more fresh.

9. Use That Hot Iron

A trick to make your greasy hair look less so is to just grab your curling iron and make some beachy waves (after applying a heat protectant, of course). Styling your hair in a different shape will take attention away from your roots. Spray it with some saltwater spray to make it the right kind of messy.

10. Hands Off!

The more you touch your hair, the greasier it will become. Makes sense, huh?

Photos: kris krüg via Flickr

Maria Morri via Flickr

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