Our 5 Best Everyday Tips For How to Get Longer Hair

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how to get longer hair

Are you also wondering how to get longer hair for the summer? Have you been trying to grow a flow of hair but cannot seem to achieve it? We have some great everyday tips for how to get longer hair, without going to any extremes. Common sense and some extra care could take you far.

Trim the Ends

Begin with a fresh start and trim your ends. It will make the hair look fresh and well taken care of. It will also make sure the split ends do not spread further up in the hair and make it even worse. Experts recommend a trim every six to eight weeks, but it depends on your hair type and quality.


When you have fresh ends, make sure to remember to moisturize to keep them healthy for as long as possible. A moisturizing conditioner and a hair mask on a regular basis will make sure the hair gets what it needs. Also moisturize from within by drinking enough water – and not sugary drinks like soda. A scalp massage with an essential oil or coconut oil will also increase the blood circulation in the scalp, and make your hair take up all the nutrients and moisture it needs.

how to get longer hair
Using heating tools on your hair will make it age faster. Save the curling iron for special occasions to help keep your hair quality good!

Take Care of the Hair You Have

The best tips for how to get longer hair is to take good care of the hair you already have – so that it stays healthy. If the hair gets nutrients and you do not wear it out too much, it will not fall off, break or slow its growth. The most stressful action we can expose our hair to is heat styling. Most of us are guilty of blow-drying our hair, and at least every once in a while, use a straightener or a curling iron. But try to minimize these occasions, and always use a heat protectant before. Do not use the hottest setting – a lower temperature is often enough, unless you have extremely thick or coarse hair. When you wash your hair the next time, use a hair mask and let the hair rest for a while.


Go Natural

Try to avoid hair products with harsh chemicals. Today there are plenty of natural shampoos and conditioners on the market. More chemicals will strip your hair of its natural oils and is also bad for the environment. By the way, you can also wash your hair less often than you think. How often depends on your hair type, but everything between three and seven days is common. And as mentioned above, try to let the hair air dry when possible.

How to Get Longer Hair? Eat Well, and Maybe Some Supplements

You are what you eat, so if you eat a healthy and well balanced diet, it will show. Your hair needs protein, it’s the main building block of the hair. Enough protein makes the hair strong. Getting all the different vitamins and minerals will also nourish the hair from the inside and make it more shiny and healthy looking. If you are stressed or for some reason cannot eat a varied, healthy diet, natural supplements are an option. These could help provide your hair with all the necessary nutrients and give it an extra boost in times of need.

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