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5 Ways We’re De-Stressing For Hair Wellness


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By April Walloga2020-09-14

From daily wellness breaks to Zoom yoga and free Headspace subscriptions, Nutrafol is finding new ways to support its employees’ well-being every day. 

Our team of 74 staffers (and growing!) swapped our plant-filled New York office for home offices in early March. Working at Nutrafol, we know how important de-stressing is for mind, body, and hair wellness, so we’ve been using all the resources and opportunities around us to stay centered while we work from home and adapt to today’s stressful environment. “Especially right now, when life feels so different, it’s important to find those elements that make you feel normal,” our co-founder and chief medical advisor, Dr. Sophia Kogan, MD, says. She’s been using dance as a form of meditation while working from home, and along with Nutrafol co-founders Giorgos and Roland, she’s making sure the team has plenty of Nutrafol so we can benefit from the powerful stress adaptogen ashwagandha that’s in every capsule. 

Below, some Nutrafol team members share how they’re making hair wellness and de-stressing a top priority in their daily routines. 

1. We aren’t pressuring ourselves to be “wellness superstars.”

“Quarantine put a ton of pressure on me to be a wellness superstar. So when I found myself sitting more and feeling too lazy to cook or workout, I got really discouraged. A few months in, I switched from an all-or-nothing attitude about wellness to doing small things that made me happy. Now I’m taking breaks throughout the workday, sweating more, and eating plenty of vegetables.” —Tess, director of product development and marketing

“I have spent a lot more time slowing down and taking in and appreciating the little things (like more time with my cat) that life has to offer.” —Anita, operations analyst

2. We’re finding new hobbies and ways to unwind.

We've been spending more time in our local parks than ever before.

“I’m spending more time in nature and doing things I’ve always wanted to do, like learn to play the violin and take online English courses at Yale.” —Savannah, social media manager 

“More spiritual wellness, eating cleaner, and reading way more. I also take walks around my local park almost every day.”—Hector, talent acquisition manager

“I have more time for exercise and outdoor activities, and I’m saving money by learning to make amazing coffee at home. I’m also taking time to think more about personal goals and relationships.” —Evie, marketing manager

“I gave up Netflix and most all TV to spend more time outside and cook all my meals — except my two Sweetgreen orders every Tuesday and Thursday, thanks to our weekly catered lunches from Nutrafol.” —April, director of content 

“I have dedicated more time to my yoga practice and have gotten really into baking!” —Kerry, performance marketing manager

3. We’re adapting to today’s stress with meditation, stress adaptogens, and self-care.

“I made a mental and overall physical change to slow down and stay present with meditation, yoga, and more ‘me’ time. I love long bike rides to fully let go!” —Johnnell, director of salons

“I’m using stress adaptogens, taking time to exercise, and sitting outside in silence listening to nature.” —Sara, business development manager

“Meditation apps for the win! Any app that helps with breathing or even setting up reminders to take a moment out of the day to breath and meditate has been helpful to manage stress and anxiety levels.”—Anita

“Every morning I make myself a coffee, turn on a podcast, and sit and do my makeup and hair for the day. It may sound routine but it’s a form of meditation for me and it’s often my favorite time of day.” —April

4. We’re connecting more with our loved ones.

“I’ve moved in with my parents for the time being. It’s a blessing to spend more quality time with them!” —Savannah

“Now that I don’t have to commute, I spend the mornings with my husband — taking a walk, eating breakfast on the patio — before starting the workday.” —Claire, head of communications

“My cousins and I have virtual game nights and I think we see each other more now than we ever did pre-quarantine.” —April 

5. We’re giving our hair a break from heat and supporting it from within.

“I used to straighten my hair every day but I haven’t heat styled my hair at all during quarantine. I’ve also been doing a hair mask every week and taking my Nutrafol with a home-cooked meal. My trick to hair masks is to leave it in all day so my hair gets extra hydrated.”—Savannah 

“I haven’t straightened my hair in over three months. I’ve also been taking my Nutrafol every day. It’s absolutely made a difference in my hair health and overall wellness.” —Kerry

Savannah's hair wellness routine includes weekly hair masks and daily Nutrafol.

“Sadly I noticed an increase in hair shedding a few months into quarantine. It’s now lessened, thanks to the Nutrafol De-Stress Hair Growth Kit, which is filled with stress adaptogens. Now that my hair has stopped shedding, it looks longer and healthier than ever before.”—Tess

“I’ve fully embraced heatless styling — haven’t used my blow-dryer since March! My hair wellness routine consists of weekly hair masks and managing stress with long runs and lots of yoga.” —Claire

“After the physical stress of having COVID-19 and the mental toll of today’s stressful environment, my hair started shedding big time. I switched from Nutrafol alone to the Nutrafol De-Stress Hair Growth Kit, which has extra stress adaptogens, and my shedding stopped in July. I’m super excited to see the thinning areas filling back in.” —April 

“My scalp has been incredibly dry being indoors so much, so any type of scalp treatment has been a lifesaver for my hair these days.” —Anita

“Hair masks! I like to multi-task by putting my hair mask in right before a workout. I feel like the heat helps it penetrate better.” —Evie

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