6 Natural Ways To Get Smooth Hair On Humid Days

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smooth hair

Whether you’re trying to limit chemical-laden products for whole body health or just your hair, sometimes natural is the way to go when it comes to our summertime routines.

Humid weather can take a toll on strands (from UV exposure to dry ends) and make it harder to achieve the look you’re going for. But there’s no need to load up on parabens and sulfates to get smooth, gorgeous hair. From heatless waves to hair SPF, here’s how to naturally smooth your hair on humid days.

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Argan oil

Argan oil is a trusty ingredient for anyone hoping to smooth hair in all weather conditions, including humidity. Moroccan oil is the standard brand for all things argan, but any product with this naturally occurring oil will help you get the look you want despite humidity.

Take a break between washes 

Similar to argan oil, your hair’s natural oils can do a great job smoothing its texture. Shampooing the hair can strip its natural oils, which leads to dryness and sensitivity to humidity. So if you take a break between washes, your hair will naturally cope better with humidity.

Dry with a T-shirt instead of a towel

A clean T-shirt that’s been washed many times will have a much softer texture than a bath towel. This kind of plush material is easier on your hair cuticle than a terry cloth towel. It also helps to use gentle, dabbing and squeezing motions rather than wringing the hair dry. 

Embrace your natural hair texture

The more you heat-style your hair, the more damaged and susceptible to humidity it becomes. Instead of reaching for a curling iron or blow-dryer, try heatless waves (aka slept-in braids or tiny buns) for smooth and supple curls, or use an air-dry product like IGK’s No More Blow High Speed Air-Dry Spray or Ouai’s Air Dry Foam for a heat-free blowout. (And if you do pick up a hot tool, make sure it’s ceramic, keep the heat under 400 degrees, and spritz on a heat protectant.) 

Use sun protection

The sun can majorly dry out hair — and dryness can often lead to changes in hair quality. To keep hair smooth on humid days, prepare in advance by using sun protection. You can do this with physical barriers like a hat or scarf, or with hair products that include sun protection.

Lay off the bleach and hair lighteners

If you’re addicted to lightening your strands, you might want to give the colorist’s chair a breather for the summer months. Bleach dries hair out, and as we’ve covered above, dry hair reacts more strongly to humidity. So if you’re worried about how humidity will affect your hair, it’s probably better to stick to your natural color, at least for a few months.

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