6 Tips and Natural Remedies Against Hair Loss

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Remedies Against Hair Loss

Bald spots are sometimes unsightly, and you may feel like your hair (or lack thereof) is all people see. If you’re ready to bring back health to your hair and hide those bald spots, here are 6 tips and natural remedies for hair loss to help you get started today.

1. Go to the doctor

Health is the largest factor associated with hair loss and thinning, so if you’re experiencing this you should rule out larger, much more sinister, causes. Your doctor will check your blood and your hormone levels, and make sure that everything is normal. Once that’s done, you can consider it’s possibly due to one or several of the many other causes, like stress or diet.

2. Reduce your anxiety

You’re probably rolling your eyes at this one, but bald spots and hair loss can be made worse by stress and anxiety. If you have an especially stressful job or home life, you need to consider what steps you can take to reduce anxiety in those settings. Sometimes this is difficult, but you’ll notice a dramatic difference, not just on your hair but on your general well being, too.

3. Eat better

If you’ve been to the doctor and they can’t find anything indicating why you’re experiencing hair loss or thinning, you may be really frustrated. However, a well-balanced diet can actually prevent or reverse hair loss. Important nutrients to get through your intake of food are iron, magnesium and beta carotene, among others. Omega 3 foods like nuts and fish, as well as more wholesome dairy, like yogurt and eggs are also beneficial for hair health. Cut out processed junk, sugar, and caffeine as these are all known to cause hair loss and bald spots.

Remedies Against Hair Loss
A green juice made with spinach provides iron –  important for  healthier and stronger hair.

4. Try natural home remedies for hair loss

Some people are willing to try almost anything to cover their bald spots. If you’re at this point, you could start with something natural – like radish and onion juice, which you can buy or make on your own. Rubbing it on your scalp is said to stimulate hair follicles and encourage growth. It’s worth a try! Other at-home remedies are castor oil, spinach juice and egg yolk.

5. Stop smoking and/or drinking

If you’re a smoker and a drinker, it’s no wonder your hair health might suffer. Studies in twins with different balding patterns show that the twin who smokes and/or drinks frequently is much more likely to develop random, patchy bald spots compared to the twin who doesn’t. Smoking and drinking rid your body of healthy vitamins, something that can quickly lead to hair loss. Cut it out!

6. Avoid harsh chemicals and over-styling

People, especially women, who use harsh chemicals in their shampoos or styling products, tend to see more shedding than people who don’t. If you want to try to regrow hair, change your hygiene habits. Try using a gentle shampoo and conditioner, not blow drying or damaging your hair daily, and rubbing your scalp with hair oil once a week. Also, avoid combing or yanking your hair while it’s wet, and don’t style it too tightly. Men – don’t slick it back or over-gel it to make it stay! The less you mess with or handle your hair, the easier those follicles can grow hair without it getting damaged. However, the thought that washing your hair too much is responsible for hair loss is just a myth.

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