8 Earth-Friendly Ways To Reuse Nutrafol Bottles

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Like we always say: Genuine change takes commitment, and when you commit to a Nutrafol subscription, you can look forward to better hair and some pretty sweet perks, like subscription savings and 1-on-1 doctor consultations. 

You might also find yourself with an abundance of our durable amber bottles. While you can absolutely remove the label and recycle those babies, consider reusing them in one of these eight earth-friendly DIYs. Keep scrolling for some aesthetic upcycling inspiration! 

Tiny planters

Your empty Core bottle is a flower pot waiting to happen. Paint the outside or decorate with copper washi tape. Then, with just a bit of potting soil and the succulent or sprout of your choice, you’re ready to be a plant mom!

Jars for dips and spreads

If you have a few empty Hairbiotics jars lying around, put them to work the next time you have company over. Fill them with hummus, salsa, guac, or any other shmear you plan on serving with drinks and snacks and get dipping.

Hand soap dispenser

Ditch the plastic soap bottles and save some money (and the earth!) by investing in a foaming hand-soap dispenser nozzle. Cut the length of the tube to fit the depth of your empty Nutrafol container and screw on the top for the perfect, portable hand soap.

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Scented oil diffuser

With a few wooden reeds and some essential oil, you’ve got yourself a homemade oil diffuser. Start with about a quarter cup of a base oil like safflower or grapeseed oil, and mix in a tablespoon of your favorite essential oil (try lavender for calm, vanilla for warmth, or citrus for energy). Pop in six to eight wooden reeds or bamboo skewers and inhale!

Pencil jar

Store your pens, pencils, markers, or other art supplies in a lid-less Hairbiotics jar. If you’re so inclined, separate them out by color or type in multiple jars. It all depends on how many materials you have!

Spice shaker

Nutrafol bottles make the perfect spice shakers. Punch a few holes in the lid, fill the jar with your favorite spice mix, and relabel the front with a swipe of chalkboard paint so you know what’s inside. Bonus: The brown glass of the bottle protects your spices from losing their potency. Now we’re cooking.


Are you thrifty with your cleaning products? Rather than buying a whole spray bottle, stick to just buying the nozzle and fix it to an empty Nutrafol B booster bottle. Fill it with a natural, homemade room freshener using 3/4 cup water, two tablespoons vodka, and as many drops of your favorite essential oil as you like. 

Self-watering unit

You can use the empty B booster bottle to create an automatic plant waterer (or use the dropper for a particularly tiny plant). Dig a little hole in the soil next to your plant. Next, fill the empty scalp treatment bottle with water. Quickly invert the bottle into the hole and press the neck down into the soil. Repeat any time your plant needs a refill.

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