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8 Women Who Took Control Of Hair Thinning With Nutrafol

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By April Walloga2020-07-09

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Nutrafol is committed to raising the conversation around women’s hair thinning and shattering the stigma surrounding it. One of the best ways to do this is by amplifying the voices and stories of real women. Below, meet eight women sharing how they took control of hair thinning. 

Whether your scalp is peeking through or your hair brush suddenly overfloweth, a woman knows when her hair is changing. 

But the realization doesn’t always lead to action. “Having gone through it, I know the emotions that hair thinning brings up in women,” says Dr. Sophia Kogan, MD, co-founder and chief medical advisor at Nutrafol. “You don’t always want to acknowledge it or be shown the truth. But I think once you do see it, it’s much more empowering to take control of it than to live in denial and shame.”

Whether you talk to your doctor, research a solution like Nutrafol, or open up to a friend, taking control of hair thinning starts with one step forward. And success looks different on everyone. Take the incredible women below — spanning all ages and stages of life, some are months into their Nutrafol hair growth journey, while others have been improving their hair wellness for years. Their stories are a reminder that, as women, we already have the strength to take control of our hair health. “Taking care of your hair is a simple act of self-care,” says Dr. Kogan.  

Lera, age 35

Results after eight months on Nutrafol.

Growing up in Ukraine, where there are limited regulations on environmental pollutants, Lera says her hair has always been brittle and thin. She first started noticing hair issues when she was a teenager and struggled for years to find a solution. With Nutrafol, she found exactly what she needed to improve her hair health. “Nutrafol gave my hair its life back. I noticed a huge difference in shine, too,” Lera says.

Wendy, age 60+

Results after six months on Nutrafol.

After six months of taking Nutrafol Women’s Balance, Wendy saw better scalp coverage on the top of her head. “The center had very bad thinning,” she says. “I could only style my hair in certain ways. After using Nutrafol, my hair is so much fuller and more vibrant. I feel more confident.”

Name changed for privacy

Teresa, age 48

Results after three years on Nutrafol.

Teresa says her hair started thinning at 24 years old. After years of hair coloring, overstyling, and experiencing high stress, she started to see her scalp through her hair. With Nutrafol, she reports her hair became thicker and shinier. “I’ve been taking Nutrafol for years and have noticed continuous growth. It’s been easy for me to integrate this into my daily ritual,” Teresa shares.  

Liza, age 28

Results after 11 months on Nutrafol.

At 28, Liza realized her hair was losing its fullness, so she began taking Nutrafol. “I noticed an increase in hair growth after 11 months on Nutrafol,” she says. “It improved my hair texture considerably!”

Natallia, age 48

Results after three months on Nutrafol.

“As a new mom and a dermatologist, I noticed my hair wasn’t as full as it was in the past,” Dr. Natallia says. “After taking Nutrafol, my hair became more dense, especially around the temple areas, and much shinier! I am impressed by the quality of ingredients in Nutrafol.”

Marina, age 50+

Results after six months on Nutrafol.

Marina noticed her hair was thinning due to frequent dyeing and overstyling. After six months on Nutrafol Women’s Balance, she saw an increase in thickness, volume, and shine. “I started styling my hair differently to cover up what was happening,” she says. “It was embarrassing. After using Nutrafol for six months, I see more growth and my part is getting smaller again. Now I feel more confident.”

Name has been changed for privacy

Brenda, age 43

Results after six months on Nutrafol.

After six months of taking Nutrafol Women’s Balance, Brenda had major growth around her temples and noticed an increase in overall thickness. “My hair was thinning more and more with time,” she says. “After taking Nutrafol, I noticed my hair was more full and I feel so much better about myself.”

Name changed for privacy

Justeenia, age 48

Results after three months on Nutrafol.

After an extremely stressful event, Justeenia saw that her hair was thinning at the back of her head. But after just three months on Nutrafol Women’s Balance, she noticed her hair was thicker and fuller, and her texture improved. She credits this to the powerful ingredient ashwagandha, a natural stress adaptogen, found in Nutrafol.

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