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I Tried Everything To Grow My Hair — Nutrafol Worked

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By Nutrafol Team2019-12-17

“The results have far exceeded my expectations.”

As he entered his 40s, Amaan Mohiuddin began noticing a startling change in his hair. What was once a full head of dark, thick hair was noticeably thinning. He consulted his doctor and tried a number of treatments with little success. In November 2018, he was referred to the Nutrafol case study program.

“Amaan wasn’t responding well to previous treatment options,” Nutrafol’s Dr. Melissa Anzelone, ND, remembers. “We worked with Amaan on his sensitivity to DHT hormone, disrupted cell responses, and oxidative stress.”

For Amaan, Nutrafol was the game-changer. Within the first three months of following his personalized GrowthPlan®, he began seeing the results in his hair and feeling the benefits to his overall wellness. Now one year later, Amaan’s hair health has been revitalized.

Keep scrolling to read Aaman’s journey from hair thinning to hair wellness. 

Why my doctor suggested Nutrafol for hair growth

Shortly after being diagnosed with a medical condition, I started to experience hair thinning. Every day I was reminded of my hair issues, especially when I got dressed and started to comb my hair, or after showering and noticing the excess hair on the towel or leftover hair in the tub.

At this point, I decided to see a medical specialist, who confirmed my suspicions and recommended finasteride and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. We also discussed transplant options, but after looking at the associated cost, I decided to go with the least expensive options and agreed to both the medicine and injections. After a few months on the medicine, I noticed my shedding decreased, but unfortunately little-to-no hair growth. Sensing my frustrations to both my hair and my wallet, my doctor recommended I reach out to Nutrafol.

Finding the root causes of my hair issues 

I scheduled an appointment with Nutrafol shortly afterward and came in to discuss my situation with Dr. Anzelone. The conversation was definitely eye-opening. She snipped off a small swatch of my hair and did a hair mineral analysis (which is a service available to all Nutrafol subscribers), providing me with results that described my hair’s issues.

I learned so much that day… Firstly, I was unaware that poor gut health and a lack of nutrients entering my body had a direct effect on the health of my hair. Essentially, if your gut is inflamed, your immune system is working overtime and you’re not absorbing as much nutrients as you should. The hair mineral analysis pinpointed what my hair was lacking, and as a result, I changed my diet to focus on fixing my gut and started my taking my Nutrafol GrowthPlan® regularly.

Aaman's Growth Plan® From Left: Hairbiotic, Nutrafol Men, and Digestive Enzyme.

My GrowthPlan® consisted of Nutrafol Men and two boosters: the Hairbiotic and the Digestive Enzyme. A few weeks after changing my diet and incorporating Nutrafol, I started to feel much better, which is why they call it “hair wellness,” because the ingredients in Nutrafol address the root causes of your hair issues while also helping to balance your sleep, stress, hormones, digestion, and more.

Results in my first six months on Nutrafol 

I would come in for my status sessions every quarter and we would take pictures. After the first six months, I started to notice my hair was getting thicker, something I did not experience with my PRP treatment or medication. After I hit my one-year mark, I felt my hair was much thicker and my friends and family started to notice the difference, too.

“After the first six months, I started to notice my hair getting thicker ... After one year, friends and family started to notice, too.”

A boost for my hair and my confidence

I don’t want to say that I was “desperate” before I found Nutrafol, but I was definitely willing to try anything that had the potential of growing my hair. While the PRP treatments came with a disclaimer that they may or may not work, Dr. Anzelone told me that the effective ingredients in Nutrafol would produce results. However, I was still skeptical because I’d almost lost hope that I could grow my hair at that point.

Dr. Anzelone told me it would take time to see results, and the goal was to get a certain level of thickness back, which I never expected to happen in the first six months of my starting the supplements. Now a little over a year into my Nutrafol journey, I can visibly see how much progress Nutrafol has made toward the thickening of my hair.

The results have brought on a greater sense of confidence in both my personal life and career. We live in a world where we are judged on our first appearance; if you look good and feel good, you’re ultimately going to perform good. I couldn’t have gotten to this level of confidence without the support of Nutrafol and the team that’s been assisting me. Not only am I a fan, I’m also the biggest campaigner to friends and family about the benefits of Nutrafol.

The results have far exceeded my expectations.

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