This is Why Ashwagandha Benefits Your Hair and Health

Ashwagandha Benefits

The plant Ashwagandha benefits both your hair and your health, while working as a natural stress reliever. But most people don´t even know what it is or how it works. The plant has many hidden talents, some of which are explored below.

What Is It?

The Ashwagandha is a small, wooden plant that grows naturally in the Mediterranean, Africa and in India. The plant has been used in the ancient Indian medicine tradition called Ayurveda for over 3000 years.

What is it used for?

Ayurveda uses the dried roots of the plant to treat a great range of disorders
The plant is used to help reduce stress, improve your memory and your sleep. Research has shown that the ashwagandha plant has antioxidant properties and can help your memory.

Fights Depression

This natural herb has proved to be effective in fighting depression. This is because of the effect it has on our brain cells and our central nervous system.

Another study showed that subjects testing the herb saw significant improvement on their mental health. The results of the study showed improvements in social function, fatigue and overall quality of life. Ashwagandha has become a very popular natural choice in many parts of the world.

Ashwagandha Benefits
The Ashwagandha is a tropical plant that has positive effects on both your hair and your overall health.

What Are the Ashwagandha Benefits For My Hair?

The Ashwagandha also has anti aging effects, which was proven in a study from 1996. In the study, 101 healthy men were given a daily dose of the herb for a year. The men experienced an improvement in hemoglobin, red blood cells, and hair melanin. The increase of hair melanin fights premature graying, one of the many signs of aging.

Thanks to its antioxidant properties and hormone balancing effects, it can help to prevent hair shedding and promote shiny and healthy hair. This is one of the main reasons why many shampoos use the plant as an ingredient. When applied and massaged onto the scalp, it helps to increase blood circulation which helps stimulate hair growth. The scalp massage also fights dandruff and greasy hair, and are perfect additions to a healthy hair care routine.


The Ashwagandha benefits the overall health in many ways, and therefore a lot people include it in their diet. The ashwagandha is found as a supplement and can be consumed as a powder, capsule, in a liquid form, or as dried roots. It can be a great addition for those who suffer from hair loss or hair thinning.

Nutrafol contains the ashwagandha in combination with other ingredients that work together to support healthy hair growth. Nutrafol’s Sensoril Ashwagandha, is proven to decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol, by up to 30.5%. High stress levels are one of many reasons for hair loss. Therefore, the lower the stress levels, the greater possibility for hair growth as well as visibly strong and healthy hair.

Photos: Jake Guild via Flickr

Ayurvedic India via Flickr

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