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How to use beer in hair to get it shinier than ever

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Yes, you read it right, beer in hair. So besides drinking it, now you can try putting it in your hair! Beer is actually known for having beneficial effects for both hair and skin. It is the malt and hops in the beer that is rich in proteins. Proteins that help repair damaged hair and revive volume. The sucrose and maltose sugars in beer also helps create more shine to the hair. So, beer in hair – here is how you do it the right way.

Why beer in hair? – First things first

1. Pour out your beer

Not down the sink obviously, but into a jug or bowl and let it sit overnight or throughout the day. This way it will get de-carbonated and beer needs to be de-carbonated before you can put it in your hair. And remember, the more air surface your beer is exposed to, the faster it will oxidize and become flat. So choose the biggest bowl you have at home.

When the carbon dioxide disappears, that’s when the beer becomes flat. It is important that the carbon dioxide is gone from the beer when using it. Carbon dioxide combined with water can create hard water or water with high mineral content. It can also make it harder for you to wash your hair effectively since carbon dioxide can hinder the effects of shampoo.

2. Shampoo up

You can continue using whatever shampoo you normally use but skip the conditioner. Here’s where the beer comes in. It will act as your conditioner. Put your de-carbonated beer into a bottle and bring it with you into the bathroom.

3. Massage it

Pour the beer from the bottle into your hair and lather it up. Massage it for approximately one minute. While you are at it, poor some beer on your skin as well. Beer is very beneficial for your skin too. The beer sediment or brewer’s yeast helps reduce sebum production and control oily skin on your face and scalp. You can also start dipping the ends of your hair with beer first. Let it set for about five minutes before rinsing your entire head with beer.

4. Rinse it

Now, do not rinse it off completely. Leave some off it in your hair and the effect will be even better. Remember: the results, like with so many other things, can not be seen right away. So have patience and give it a few washes first. Do not do the beer wash everyday. If used on daily basis it can dry your hair out so use it with caution.

Add a little something something like…

Essential oils…

As alcohol in your hair, can be damaging and dry it out, it is always wise to think what can be done to prevent this. In this case, it is simple – add a few drops of essential oils into your beer. There is a few you can choose from:

  • Lemon oil: Adds shine (if the shine from the beer is not enough), strengthens the hair and fights against dandruff.
  • Almond oil: It moisturizes and soothes the scalp.
  • Chamomile oil: Leaves your hair softer and gives it more shine.
  • Jojoba oil: Moisturizes the scalp and adds nutrients to your hair.
  • Lavender oil: Fills your hair with antioxidants, nourishes and moisturizes it.
  • Sandalwood oil: If your ends are dry and split, this is a miracle oil.

…or apple cider vinegar

Nutrafol has previously mentioned what apple cider vinegar does to your hair but there is no harm in repeating it again. Vinegar helps with counteracting rough or brittle feeling hair. It smoothens out the scales or cuticles found on each of strand of hair. Shampoo does the opposite. So if you want to leave your hair nice and smooth, this is what you need to do:

Try raw apple cider vinegar instead of the commercial one. Raw vinegar is not processed and has much of the good nutrients to improve hair texture.

You can mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 8 ounces (250 ml) of water and skip the beer completely. Wash it the same way as you would wash it with the beer.

As with the beer, using vinegar rinse on daily basis, can dry your hair out. So use but do not over-use it. If you are looking for other natural ways, there are a few others that you can choose from. 

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