Shiny and Straight? These are the Best Hairstyles for Asian Hair

Asian hair and hairstyles

If you have that typical straight, shiny hair that refuses to stay in any hairdo, do not give up – we have listed some of the best Asian hairstyles for those of us who are about to do just that.

Asian hair is very slippery, and it rarely stays in place. On the other hand, it is pretty much always straight and shiny. According to Asian-American stylist Kayley Pak, it is because Asian hair normally has 10 layers of cuticles. The cuticle is the outer layer that protects the individual hair. The many layers on an Asian hair are also more dense and wider and thicker than on Caucasian hair. That gives the hair an illusion of being really shiny and silky.

However, if the hair is too silky, it can be hard to get even a ponytail to stay in shape. So to what you want to do to make your hair a little more textured is to use a special dry texture spray, alternatively a dry shampoo or a matte shape paste. These products will help to create a shape and make the hair behave like you want it to.

Here are the best Asian hairstyles to use on a too-ruly hair:


Crimping the hair is back! The 90’s trend with tiny waves in a zig-zag pattern definitely gives the hair more volume and texture. If you do not have a crimper, you can simply prep your newly washed and dried hair with some hairspray. Then make some french braids, spray some more, and go to sleep with the braids. In the morning, carefully let the braids loose. You will have small waves or curls that look pretty natural and very nice.


Perms have actually also made a comeback, and nowadays they are nicer to your hair. They also look more natural and have less frizz. What is not to like! Making the hair curly is perfect for Asian hairstyles. You can choose the size of the curls, so whether you want the 80’s look of a lot of smaller curls or a modern beach hair with fuller waves and a laidback attitude, a perm could be for you. But experts recommend to only use a perm on natural hair that has not been dyed, to protect the hair quality.

Air-Dried Beach Waves

Apply a leave-in conditioner or any anti-frizz product in the hair after washing it. Then wrap your head in a towel to squeeze out any excess water without rubbing the strands together. Then remove the towel and let the hair air-dry. Twirl strands of the hair with your fingers to help shape it into curls that will stay in shape after it dries. This is much better for the hair than using heat to dry and style it.

Asian hair
Shiny and Straight hair? – Use rollers and let the hair self dry for slight waves.

Tight Bun

Asian hair is perfect for a tight, shiny bun. Comb your hair, apply an anti-frizz serum or a shine spray, and make a high ponytail. Blogger Jean Wang has really good advice on how to make a bun that lasts. Make sure you use a product like mousse or texturizing spray or paste first. Then, collect the top hair with a claw clip and secure on your head, where you want the bun to be. Next, collect the rest of the hair in a tight ponytail right under the clip and secure with a hairband. Then take the ponytail and wrap it around the clip, secure it with another hairband and then screw in some spin pins – these are hair pins that have a spiral shape in order to prevent them from falling out all the time. Make sure all loose ends are kept in place, using regular bobby pins, and finish with a shower of hairspray.

Slight Waves Using Rollers

If you are not ready to take the step of getting a perm, but still want to avoid using heat styling every week, use rollers and let the hair self dry. There are a ton of different versions, and how you prep your hair will vary depending on which roller you use. Some require the hair to be damp and some work best on dry hair. The comfy foam ones you can sleep in, while classic Velcro ones probably are more comfortable to use while awake. Make sure you have some curling mousse and hairspray handy and let loose with the rollers.

A Bob

Cutting the hair into a bob can feel scary but is actually easy to maintain if your hair is straight and shiny, and it will grow out again. This classic look will require minimal styling and suits most people.

Straight Hair and Bangs

One of the best hairstyles for Asian hair is long hair with bangs. Combined with the straight sleekness of Asian hair, cutting bangs will give you an interesting and classic look. Long, thick bangs paired with straight hair has a timeless appeal and is also easy to style, if your hair is in fact straight and sleek. Just use a round brush when you blow-dry your hair to shape it the way you want and to give it a little lift.

So no matter which of the Asian hairstyles you prefer or which products you use to achieve it – embrace your straight, shiny hair. The grass is always greener on the other side, and a lot of people envy you!

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