Summer is Here – These are the Best Summer Hairstyles of 2017

The best summer hairstyles are easy to accomplish and maintain. As the weather gets warmer and the sun comes out, we want easy and fun ways to style our hair. It has to be able to stand the wind and sunshine, and maybe last for a whole day at the beach followed by a garden party. We have the best tips for hairstyles for the summer.

Chunky Topknot

A topknot is super easy if you have the right tools. Start with hair that is not recently washed – the dirtier the better. This makes it keep its shape they way you want it to. Make a high or low ponytail depending on your preference, and then twine the hair around the base into a bun. Fasten it with either bobby pins or a bigger hairgrip. Spray with a texturing hairspray and pull out some hairs around your face to make it look more relaxed.

Side Braids

Make a few smaller French braids on the side of your head and let them join the rest of your hair and put it all up in a loose ponytail. To do a French braid, just start out as a normal braid. After making a foundation of a couple of crossovers, start adding more hair with each one, so that it always stays close to your scalp. Add some saltwater spray when you are finished to give it a salty, textured look.

Just Curly

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In the summer you want your hair to look effortless and relaxed – but still great.

Relaxed beach hair is the best. The summer hairstyle that is the easiest to accomplish is to just spray your hair with saltwater spray when it is moist, and put it up in a loose bun. After it is almost dry, let it out and it will probably be at least wavy. If your hair is super straight or heavy, use a curling iron instead. Remember to always use a heat protectant before. Make big, loose curls and then pull your fingers through to make them less polished and more relaxed. Finish with either saltwater spray or shine spray, depending on what look you are going for.

Super Sleek Slick-back

One of this years summer hairstyles that is easy to achieve is the slick back. It is perfect for the hot, humid summer days when your hair just cannot do what you want it to. Having a sleek slick-back is really in for the summer season of 2017. Just use quite a bit of hair mousse and pull your fingers through your hair to fix it. You can also use strong hold gel, either with the mousse or on its own, which will accomplish that wet look and hold the hair in place.

Pastel Colors

A lot of people dye their hair lighter and crazier in the summer. The pastel or platinum silver trend is still going strong. For those with light hair there are many new products that claims to dye your hair just by using it in the shower like a shampoo, or hair dyes that you can use at home. If you have darker hair this will be a longer process and take a few rounds of bleach first. If you go for that look, it is even more important to take care of your hair by using hair masks, conditioner, heat protection and to not use shampoo too often.

Cut it Off

This season, one of the most popular summer hairstyles is to cut the hair shorter and wear it in a bob. The winner cut is sharp and angular. Easier to maintain than long hair and the hair is already styled thanks to the geometrical cut. If you feel even braver, the pixie is still in style and even easier to maintain.

For All Summer Hairstyles – Protect From the Sun

Remember to always protect your hair from the sun when outside – the radiation from the sun is as damaging to your hair as to your skin. Use a sunscreen spray or wear a hat. Use a sunscreen spray or wear a hat. Also use a heat protecting spray before styling with any heat tools. And drink lots of water, as hydration keeps the hair and the body healthy in the heat.



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