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Big News About Nutrafol’s Award-Winning Formula!

Hair Health

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By Nutrafol Team2020-09-30

Nutrafol has always stood out for its innovative, whole-body approach to hair growth — and now it’s the first hair wellness supplement to receive a patent for its proprietary ingredient blend, the Synergen Complex™.  

“Since pioneering the hair wellness category in 2016, we have been determined to deliver the most natural and effective products possible,” said Giorgos Tsetis, CEO and co-founder of Nutrafol. “The Synergen Complex patent further validates the importance of our holistic, whole-body approach to hair health, and continues to set the bar higher for efficacy in the supplement industry. Nutrafol’s patent is a significant achievement for our company, and for the hair wellness category as a whole.”

Nutrafol’s patented Synergen Complex is a unique combination of medical-grade, bioactive ingredients that addresses the underlying causes of thinning hair — including stress, hormones, and nutrition — with stress adaptogens, antioxidants, and DHT-targeting botanicals. The Synergen Complex is the foundational formula in Nutrafol’s three core products, Nutrafol Women, Men, and Women’s Balance, which have been clinically shown to improve hair growth and reduce shedding in four clinical studies. Patents in the supplement space are rare due to the difficulty in proving the effectiveness of a combination of botanical ingredients, making Nutrafol’s Synergen Complex patent a major milestone. 

Since launching, Nutrafol’s holistic approach to hair wellness has centered around extensive research and testing to prove the efficacy of our products. Today, Nutrafol leverages over 10 patents on the extraction methods of its ingredients, in addition to the groundbreaking Synergen Complex.  

“We’re working on some breakthrough technologies,” Nutrafol co-founder Roland Peralta told WWD in an exclusive interview. “We’re very ambitious about the future in terms of developing proprietary, innovative technology that I think will continue to disrupt the sector and be a game-changer in this category.” Peralta is the chief innovation and product officer at Nutrafol, overseeing the countless clinical trials and rigorous testing that helped secure the Synergen Complex patent. 

As a physician-approved, natural alternative to hair care products and prescription drugs on the market, Nutrafol is leading the conversation on hair wellness and the effectiveness of nutraceuticals to target the multiple root causes of thinning hair. Says Peralta, “Proving the efficacy of our proprietary blend is imperative to furthering innovation in hair science and continuing to deliver on the promise we’ve made to our users.” 

Stay tuned for much more to come as we continue our research, clinical studies, and patent-pending science to push the hair wellness space forward and help people improve their hair, naturally. 

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