The Latest Hair Care Tech – The Hair Analyzer Will Look Inside Your Hair

Since the dawn of man – and hair related issues – hair care companies have created products to address the particular needs of your hair. And now a line of beauty salons have taken that concept further with the creation of a device designed to look inside your hair to see what it really needs. Simply put, hair care tech at its most advanced.

Henkel Beauty Care is the creator of the Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab. SalonLab is a handheld Bluetooth connected device that analyzes your strands. After your strands are analyzed, the device sends the data to an app, which comes up with a customized shampoo formula. The device is not bigger than a smartphone, and you run it through your hair from root to tip. It contains near-infrared and light sensors to measure inner hair quality, moisture level and true hair color. So to those of you who have dyed your hair so many times that you can’t really remember your true hair color – this little thing will help you solve that mystery. You will never have to wonder at your hair color again. Hair-evolution, right?

Not a Replacement for a Knowledgeable Stylist

However, the analyzer is not meant to replace the expertise of stylist. Quite the contrary actually – it is supposed to work as a compliment, providing the experts with more information to take care of your hair.

“A good and trained hairdresser can tell if hair is damaged, but they could never look into the hair,” says Marie-Eve Schroeder, chief marketing officer at Henkel Beauty Care, in a press release.

SalonLab is a handheld Bluetooth connected device that analyzes your strands.

If the Hair Care Analyzer Shows That Your Hair is Dry

One of the most common diagnosis the hair care analyzer will probably give is your hair is dry. And maybe you’re like “Yeah, thanks I knew that already!” But having the gadget give you that information is the first step towards healthy hair. Because, understanding the root cause of dry hair and taking the right action could be all you need to get the locks you long for.

The problem with dry hair can usually be found in your scalp and the fact that it is not making enough oil to moisturize your hair. Hair has no natural lubrication. It simply relies on oils made in the hair roots to keep your hair shafts moisturized and lustrous. As you get older, your roots makes less oil, which explains why your hair gets more dry and brittle with age. Since the roots are under your skin, dry scalp usually comes with dry hair. A dry scalp, in turn, peels and sheds, leading to dandruff flakes on your shoulders.

Knowing about your dry hair and what lead to it, makes it possible to try to change a few things to end up with that soft hair you always dreamt of. The best hair care tips to avoid dry hair are:

  • Wash it less often.
  • When you wash it, use a shampoo specifically for dry hair.
  • Avoid hair products that have alcohol and sulfates in them as both tend to dry out the hair.
  • Always use a moisturizing conditioner after the shampoo.
  • Massage your scalp with some coconut oil to replenish moisture.
  • Invest in a hair supplement that works to improve your hair from within.

Botox for Hair: Treatment, Safety and Effects

Botox for hair

Is your winter hair giving you a tough time? Does your hair feel dry, rough or extra frizzy lately? If you’re looking for smooth hair, you may want to consider one of the latest trends in the hair and beauty market: Botox for hair. Some people are finding a hair Botox treatment might just (as the name suggests) rejuvenate their strands.

If you’re curious about hair Botox and wondering whether hair Botox treatment could be right for you, as well as some alternatives to hair Botox, keep reading.

What is Hair Botox?

You may have heard about Botox as a beauty treatment for your forehead or crow’s feet, but how about a Botox treatment for hair?

For starters, the very name “hair Botox” or “Botox for hair” is something of a misnomer, as a Botox hair treatment doesn’t involve actual Botox — botulinum toxin — at all. So just what is hair Botox?

Hair Botox is a treatment that claims to help eliminate frizz and “fill in” your hair where it has become damaged, essentially smoothing your hair and drastically improving its texture and appearance. Hair Botox could be considered an anti-aging treatment (hence the catchy name). But as noted, unlike the Botox that we may have injected into our faces to smooth out wrinkles, hair Botox does not contain any chemicals, let alone botulinum toxin.

Instead of thinking of Botox for hair as just another form of Botox applied elsewhere, it’s more accurate to view it as a deep conditioning treatment that helps restore and reconstruct your hair. But if Botox for hair doesn’t contain botulinum toxin, what does it contain that makes it so effective? A Botox hair treatment uses key ingredients such as proteins, amino acids, keratin, vitamins, and lipids to work its magic — without harsh chemicals.

So if your hair feels frizzy due to the harsh weather outside, hair Botox may be able to help rebuild it. A hair Botox treatment is designed to restore your hair fibers, sometimes using keratin, leaving your hair feeling silky, shiny and more youthful-looking, while avoiding the harmful effects that can come with other salon-performed smoothing treatments.

Hair Botox may sound too good to be true, and you may be wondering if there are any hair botox side effects. Find out and discover who could benefit from Botox for hair in the next section.

Are There Hair Botox Side Effects?

Part of what makes Botox for hair so appealing is the lack of harsh chemicals and potentially dangerous side effects. While other smoothing or straightening treatments, such as the Brazilian blowout, may deliver smoother hair that lasts for some time, their product ingredients go beyond just keratin, which is good for your hair. Instead, such treatments may use chemicals that turn into formaldehyde once heat is applied, and formaldehyde is known to cause cancer. If you go with a hair Botox treatment instead, you avoid the risks of chemical relaxing or straightening treatments.

Since hair Botox is free from harsh chemicals and considered to be a deep conditioning treatment, you avoid a lot of potential health risks and it is unlikely to experience undesirable side effects. Again, hair Botox is a treatment that helps to repair your damaged hair — but like everything else, moderation is key.

While Botox for hair is suitable for all hair types, you’ll see the greatest benefits from a Botox hair treatment if you have dry, frizzy or dull locks. Hair Botox is also recommended if you have over-processed or damaged hair and want to restore it, because just like the treatment for your face, Botox for the hair works to fill in unwanted gaps — without the trademark chemical.

Botox for hair
Hair Botox is a treatment that claims to help eliminate frizz as it smooths your hair and reverses time on your hair clock.

How Does Botox for Hair Work?

If you decide to get Botox for hair, you’re in for a much less complicated process than you might be used to if you’ve tried keratin treatments or Brazilian blowouts. A hair Botox treatment doesn’t require the same level of careful preparation or followup to maintain its results.

After you arrive at the salon for your Botox for hair treatment, your hair will be washed with a clarifying shampoo to remove any residue in your hair. The wash will also help open your hair cuticles, preparing them to better absorb the hair Botox. Next, the hair Botox treatment will be applied and left on your hair for about 45 minutes before being washed off. Once the Botox for hair gets washed out, the hair gets blow-dried and usually sealed with straighteners.

Botox for hair treatment results usually last between 2-4 months if you take care of your hair. Your hairstylist will give you more specific directions, but generally, you should at least use a sulphate-free shampoo to help maintain the benefits of the hair Botox.

Botox Hair Treatment Alternatives

If you don’t have a hair salon near you that offers Botox for hair, you can always try one of these winter hair remedies that you can make at home.

Whether you do a hair Botox treatment or some other conditioning treatment, we also recommend taking a natural supplement to make sure your body and hair are getting all the nutrition they need. Natural supplements are one of the fastest-growing industries and are taken by more and more people every day. As their name suggests, they are made of only natural ingredients. The best supplements contain plant-derived, natural ingredients that work synergistically to aid your hair growth without chemicals or dyes.

What is Hair Cloning? All You Need to Know, and Whether or not it Works

hair cloning

The concept of hair cloning is a hair restoration method currently being researched. As more people suffer from hair loss, new techniques to battle this problem arise, and some methods of performing hair cloning or hair multiplication have come far enough to soon pass from their laboratory testing phases into their clinical phase. Here we go through what the most high-tech cure for hair loss actually does.

The Difference Between Hair Cloning and Hair Multiplication

The method of hair cloning means that a doctor extracts healthy hair follicle cells from the patient’s scalp and clones them in vitro. The larger amount of healthy cells are then returned to the scalp to grow hair as normal.

Hair multiplication, on the other hand, means that the actual follicles are plucked from the scalp and reinserted. The hope is that the cells at the base of each hair will then generate new follicles that produce hair.

How Far Has Research Come?

Research on hair cloning has been successful in rodents. As of now, the Food and Drug Administration has not approved cell cloning for use on humans in the U.S.

However, many researchers are hopeful that the technique will be available for patients in the near future. Hair restoration specialist Dr. Ken Williams, based in Irvine, California, is collaborating with British company Hair Clone. Britain is currently the only Western country that allows hair cloning as a practice on humans. Clinical trials are underway.

“The typical candidate would be someone who has had multiple surgeries and can’t have any more hair transplantations, but they have lots of areas of balding,” Williams said in an interview in April. For an individual patient, the trial treatment would cost between $4,000 and $10,000  – and they would also have to fly to England.

Risks With the Treatment

Critics of this treatment point out that hair cloning induces the risk that the cells mutate and could turn cancerous. The FDA will not approve hair cloning as a medical treatment until that risk is minimized.

However, once approved, hair cloning would be an attractive alternative to many people as it doesn’t cause any visible scarring. The procedure is quick, and any results would be permanent.

Hair cloning
Hair cloning is simply extracting healthy hair follicle cells from the scalp and cloning them. The method, however, still awaits approval from the FDA.

Natural Solutions

Nutrafol is a natural nutraceutical supplement that provides essential nutrients for supporting healthy hair growth from within and developed by people who suffered from hair loss themselves.


Whichever path you choose, there are many ways to improve hair health. You just have to find yours.

Nutrafol Awarded as “Problem Solver” by NewBeauty’s Beauty Choice Awards


Nutrafol won an award as a “Serious Solution for Thinning Strands” when the magazine and trusted beauty source NewBeauty announced the winners in their annual Beauty Choice Awards on March 28th. The Nutrafol review also praises the star ingredient, minoxidil, an ingredient that revitalizes your hair follicles.

“Deemed a “hair nutraceutical,” these botanical supplements yield thicker hair by decreasing the body’s levels of the hormone cortisol. This is known to weaken strands.”

With this statement, the editors of New Beauty, picked Nutrafol for Women, for second place among several “Problem Solvers”. The supplement shared the spot with the hair solution Romaine.

The annual award

Every year, the NewBeauty editors choose several different products to receive awards in a number of topics and categories. The winners are the top products based on their performance in the different categories. 

Chief Medical Officer of Nutrafol Sophia Kogan, M.D. was pleased to hear about the award. Regarding the selection, Dr. Kogan said, “It is incredibly rewarding to find out that the panel of industry experts and physicians at NewBeauty recognize the power of nutraceuticals. The fact that Nutrafol tied for the title of ‘Serious Solutions for Thinning Strands’ with Rogaine – the only FDA-approved drug to treat hair loss in women – is an unbelievable accomplishment.”

Nutrafol Awarded as “Problem Solver” by NewBeauty’s Beauty Choice Awards

More positive responses on Amazon

Additionally, Nutrafol has gained awareness and positivity from several of it’s customers. In a Nutrafol review on amazon a customer praised the brand. She had started using the product due to thyroid issues, and had experienced several thinning parts on her scalp.

“Within a month of starting Nutrafol, the part on my head really got smaller! It gets better every month. I have new hairs growing in, my hair has more body, and I feel like I look younger. It’s truly remarkable.”

Another satisfied customer said, “I love this product. Recently I removed my hair extension, my hair was in bad shape. I have been taking this product for 3 weeks now and I can see a difference already. My skin is glowing. My hair is so shiny. I don’t shed like I use to before. Starting to see my roots grown in. Very excited about this product!”

A third pleased user also added, “I’ve been using Nutrafol for 3 months now. I started after I was introduced to it by my hairstylist at my current salon. It’s definitely helping to reduce shedding and on top of that it’s also made my hair feel thicker. So glad I found this when I did since I’ve been worrying about my hair for some time. So, one less thing to worry about now! Hope it helps others as much as it helped me!”