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Dave Asprey Talks Natural Hair Growth With Nutrafol

3 Min Read

By Nutrafol Team2019-08-30

From the bad ingredients in your shampoo to the good bacteria in your gut, doctors Sophia Kogan, MD, and Tess Marshall, ND, explained Nutrafol’s natural, systems-wide approach to hair wellness and growth on Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Radio.

Listen to their conversation below and check out an article from the Bulletproof blog on “Why Hair Loss Happens & How To Regrow Hair Naturally.” 


The Science of Hair: 

The real role of good shampoo and conditioner 00:10:30

The follicle is not separate from the rest of the body 00:18:35

Poor looking hair is a sign of being unhealthy 00:20:20

Is some hair loss forever? 00:23:15

Can we use bacteria to grow hair? 00:29:45

“Weed, seed, and feed” of the Hair-biotic 00:33:00

Why certain kinds of sushi are bad for your hair 00:44:10

Fun fact about cadmium 00:47:20

The “hair cycle” is about six years long 00:50:10

Big Ideas:

What is hair wellness? 00:08:30

Would either doctor recommend hair loss drugs? 00:11:30

How men and women react to PRP injection in the scalp 00:14:50

What hair loss pathways need to be addressed? 00:17:25

How personalization fits in to treatment 00:21:30

Age matters – especially for women 00:26:05

The hair connection to the gut 00:27:40

How prebiotics work on your hair 00:31:50

How stress affects your hair 00:36:00

The environmental things that harm your hair 00:44:15

If you are full-on bald, are you screwed? 00:53:25

Does red light therapy help hair growth? 00:54:50

How about a derma roller? 01:05:45

Next, listen to Dr. Kogan’s previous chat with Asprey about holistic healing and hair loss. 

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