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Garlic for Hair Growth – A Natural Remedy For Stronger Hair

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Garlic is a kind of wonder food that is good for a wide range of conditions and gives flavor to any dish – but this is how to use garlic for hair growth.

Research on Garlic for Hair Growth

According to a 2007 study that was published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology, topical application of garlic gel will bring hair growth back. In an experiment, researchers divided patients into two groups, one of which received a placebo treatment. They then applied gel to areas on the scalp of patients where hair loss had taken place. The experiment showed positive results in 95% of patients in the garlic treated group, and only in 5% in the control group. The results were a reduction in bald patches, higher hair count, and regrowth in previously bald patches.

Only a few studies have been made on this topic yet, so researchers still do not know exactly how garlic improves hair growth. But it contains sulfur and selenium, which experts believe can strengthen the hair shaft and will improve the quality of your existing hair as well as increase growth of new hair.

How to Use Garlic For Hair Growth

To get the best out of a topical garlic treatment, you should use concentrated garlic gel or garlic oil.

Make garlic juice with honey. Peel and press a small head of garlic to extract the juice. Make sure you have about a tablespoon, and then blend it with an equal amount of honey. Massage it into your scalp twice daily and leave it in for an hour before rinsing out.

Buy garlic gel from a pharmacy, or make it at home. Mince one garlic clove per tablespoon of your favorite oil – olive, coconut, or an essential oil. Heat the oil up a little bit until warm. Put the minced garlic in a jar and pour the warm (not hot!) oil onto it. Let the mixture sit for at least a week, then strain the garlic out and use the oil on the scalp, as above.

Add some fresh garlic, preferably pressed, or garlic oil to your shampoo.

Use as is. Just add pressed or minced garlic to your scalp and rub it in before washing your hair.

The best way to achieve healthy hair growth is to be healthy in general. Garlic is also great for your immune system and overall health. So it does not hurt to eat it as well. Make sure to eat a mixed diet and possibly complement with a natural hair supplement that contains even more ingredients that will help you get the best hair you can.

Text by Emma von Zeipel

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