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Are Your Hair Products Making You Go Bald? We Asked An Expert

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When asked if they worry about thinning hair, 25 percent of the men in the survey answered yes. Which makes sense since hairstyles have been an important part of men’s lives for many decades. Men have shaped, styled and sculpted their hair for generations. This leads to worrying about whether it is healthy or not.

22 percent of men recently admitted that even though they regularly use gels, sprays and waxes, they are still worried that the products may be causing them to go bald.

Consumer analysts Mintel conducted the research. And it revealed that 1 in 3 British men now wear some sort of hair styling product in their hair every day. Which makes us ask ourselves if our hair-do’s are worth the danger? Are we jeopardizing our locks?

“The claim that hair products on the market can damage a man’s ability to grow hair is a myth,” says Iain Sallis. Sallis is a hair loss expert with 10 clinics throughout Britain. “Perpetuated for decades, the blocking of hair follicles by products has absolutely no scientific evidence behind it. Hair thinning is genetic, and products cannot speed this process up in men or women,” Sallis continues.

“That said, if a man has a sensitive scalp – flaking or itchy – I would suggest that he stay away from gels and hairsprays. Gels and hairsprays contain high amounts of alcohol which can cause the scalp to dry out and exacerbate such conditions,” Sallis explains.

Could your hair products make you go bald?

So products can damage hair, but not your ability to grow hair or go bald?

“Hair is a dead material, so you can only damage it like you can damage an item of clothing,” asserts Sallis. “If you over-bleach or over-perm hair it will damage the fibers. But if you simply leave conditioner, gel, or another everyday product on it, the hair would not be damaged detrimentally. I use a matte wax almost every day. These products simply coat your hair – and are then washed off on an evening, leaving your hair perfectly fine! The only patients I’ve ever come across who have ruined their hair with products are those who overuse bleaches. And in some cases perm lotions. But not those who use everyday products.”

What about natural supplements?

There are plenty of supplements on the market to choose from. So it is understandable if you don’t know what to look for. Start by selecting one that is uses botanical extracts whose benefits address your hair specifically. Botanical extracts will increase your health benefits and some can even help you maintain healthy hair. The best ones are those that have been shown to make a difference and target all of the potential triggers for thinning and unhealthy hair.

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