6 Classic Hairstyles For Curly Short Hair

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Whether you’re getting ready for summer or just in need of a change, you might be thinking about cutting your curly hair. But getting a big chop can be daunting. Many people aren’t sure how to style short curly hair, and they worry it will be more work than it’s worth.

You might even wonder if curly hair can be cut short without disaster. The answer is yes! Curly short hair is always chic and comes with hundreds of ways to style it. Short curly haircuts can even be easier to style than long hair.

There are so many different curly hairstyles to choose from. Here is a list of our favorite short curly hairstyles, as well as a few tips we recommend to style your curls.

The Curly Bob

A bob is a cut where the hair is short (often ending at the nape of the neck) and angles down to a slightly longer look in the front. Contrary to what some might believe, bobs aren’t just for straight hair. They’re still one of the classic short curly haircuts, and a bob can be simple to style with curly hair. It’s a haircut that looks great with a round face shape, too. Leave your curl natural for a messy, curly bob, or add some products for texture. A bob is fairly simple to maintain and style, so it is one of the easiest options if you want to try short curls while remaining true to simple and elegant hairstyles. For curly short hair, bobs will always be in style.

The Wavy Beach Lob

A long bob can vary in length, but the length is somewhere in between your collarbone and just below your chin. Lobs are often universally flattering for straight and curly hair. A curly lob looks great with layers, but like all short haircuts, they aren’t required. You can leave your lob with natural curl or try one of our favorite wavy lob looks with very little work. Our favorite beach waves are so easy to style. Simply scrunch mousse products into damp hair and air dry. These wavy locks are simple and elegant, while the mousse adds beachy texture.

A Full Head of Curls

The full ‘fro (afro) looks great with any variety of short length — from a lob to a super short pixie cut — so you can rock this easy look with your favorite cut. A full ‘fro is all about using your natural curl in a bold way. To work the full ‘fro, we recommend using curling spray gel products to tease your locks upwards until they look full and voluminous. Then all you have to do is coax your curls until they’re bouncing. A bit of hairspray can help hold your bouncy curls if you need it. This simple hairstyle will have volume and texture while looking bold and natural.

Loose Curls

If you’re looking to go short and tame your locks, loose curls are the way to go. At any length, from a bob to a lob, blow-dry your hair after washing it and then run a curling rod through it to loosely curl large sections of your hair. Remember that a thinner rod or smaller sections of hair will make tighter curls, and the way you turn the rod will shape the curl. We recommend curling away from your face for an elegant, pulled-back ‘do that shows off your hair without hiding your features. If you’re in the mood for extremely soft curls but only have a thin rod, you can always brush the curls out with a round brush for a loose look.

Elegant Hollywood Waves

There are several ways to sport an old Hollywood glamour look with short curly hair, and one of the classiest options is the elegant wave. Among hairstyles for curly short hair, Hollywood waves will always be a staple. There’s an easy way to approach this wavy style. Start by smoothing your short natural curly hair by blow drying your roots upwards before styling with a curling wand. You can try pinning some back above one ear and applying a light hold texture spray for the full Hollywood glam. You can also use those old-fashioned hair rollers and pin your hair up, which is easier for some girls. Once the curls are set, let them free and brush. Pin them into classic rolling waves or leave them free-flowing. Definitely try pairing this hairstyle with red lipstick for the 

Curly Pixie Cut

Curly hair is striking when it’s extremely short, and pixie cuts really highlight the natural texture of your curls while staying easy to style. Cut a little less on the top of your head than the sides to add some volume and height. You might even consider shaving some of the sides for an ultra-modern look. Whatever the cut, try running a little gel through your curls and then air-drying for a messy pixie look. It’s a nice way to combine elegance with a bit of fun. You could also try a more polished, pixie cut: simply smooth curls down with some gel products to capture that curly shape while keeping your hair low and sleek.

These are some of our favorite curly hairstyles and cuts to help style your short locks, but personal style and individuality is the key to great hair, so have fun and experiment!

Curly short hair has so many styling options that look great, and there are even more options than these. If you’re considering going short, there’s no need to worry that it will look bad or be too hard to manage. Short curly hair is easy to style, always cute, and a great way to stay cool in the summer.


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