The Surprising Truth On Hair Washing

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Thanks to the popularity of dry shampoo, the days of shampooing and conditioning every single day are over. 

Dry shampoo has become a staple in our beauty routines and most of us will never look back. As a result, people are putting off their wash-and-dry routine for days on end. But is there such a thing as washing hair too frequently or not frequently enough?

Yes. “We as a culture have gotten a bit obsessive in shampooing our hair,” Clairol Style Director James Corbett told Nutrafol. This can result in a reduction of your hair’s natural oils, which is the kiss of death when it comes to luscious, shiny hair.

So how often should you wash? Every day? Once a week? The truth is somewhere in the middle and it differs for everyone. Below, James explains.

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Why should people pay attention to how often they wash their hair? 
Think of your hair like your finest cashmere sweaters: you want to be respectful of the fabric and not rough it up too much. No one likes a raggedy sweater or head of hair!”  

What happens if you wash your hair too frequently?
“You can dry it out and it will not grow as long, luxurious, and luscious because of split ends.”

What’s your rule of thumb for how often people should wash their hair?
“It varies by the individual, but when I have someone who is an everyday shampooer, I ask them to try to go every other day. That is at least a 50% reduction right there! For those who are active every day, I advise them to rinse and try not washing. No one will get a pungent waft from your tresses after one day!”

Does this differ according to hair texture or any other factors? 
“Yes, people with curly and natural textured hair are drier by nature and require less frequency in shampooing. People with this hair type can sometimes even go to once a week.”

How can people tell when their hair is “dirty” enough to require a wash?
“Excessive oil, an unpleasant aroma, product buildup, and flakiness means it is time to wash your damn hair.”

Is there such a thing as not washing hair enough, or is it true that fewer washes is always better?
“Like everything in life, it is finding the happy medium and what works best for you and your hair.  Like mom always said, Just because someone else jumps off a bridge, does that mean you should, too? So just because Suzy Cream Cheese washes once a week, that does not mean it’s right for you.”

What kind of products can people use to prolong their wash?
“Use a good quality boar bristle brush. A lot of people make the mistake of using metal brushes, which can rip and frizz the hair! Philip B. also makes a detangling toning mist, which is a leave-in PH restorative for your hair and scalp. I recommend my clients use it every time they set their hair. It has apple cider vinegar and other light essential oils that can work as a nice refresher in between shampoos.”

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