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What You Need to Know About Scalp and Hair Serums

7 Min Read

Choosing the right hair serum can be the difference between healthy, shiny looking hair and permanent damage to the hair, which is why it’s important to pick the right hair serum for you.

The hair care industry is a big booming business, as many people are conscious about the way they look. Your hair – or even lack of it – can cause you to suffer poor self-image, anxiety and depression. With that in mind, various companies, both notable and ones of ill repute have come out with many scalp and hair serums that combat hair fall and promote hair growth. With so many products advertised, at times, it is hard to know which products are recommended and which ones you should avoid.

What are Hair Serums and How Do They Work?

Hair and scalp serums are liquid silicon based content with amino acids and ceramides added that act as a mask for your scalp and hair. These hair serums help in keeping the scalp healthy, preventing dandruff from forming. Since hair serums are silicon based they do not penetrate the hair shafts but instead coat them, and help protect from environmental damage like heat, sun and wind. People who want to control their hair’s frizziness or people with curly hair, can use hair serums as it helps in preventing hair loss during styling.

What are the advantages of using Hair and Scalp Serums?

If you have rough or dry hair, you may find it hard to manage it while styling. Many people use hair serums because after your hair dries, it becomes unmanageable. Hair serums contain silicon which help make your appear hair lustrous due to the coating it leaves on the hair. This way, your hair is also protected from the harsh rays of the sun, humidity and various types of pollution which bombard our bodies every day. After use, you might notice that your hair becomes smooth and silky – helping in hair styling.

Serums also act as a conditioner. Many oils can leave your hair looking greasy –not a desirable quality! Hair serums are a better alternative to many oils, because they help in smoothening out your tangled hair – giving your hair an appearance of life and adding a nice sheen. Many hair serums protect your hair from sun damage due to their UV protection formulas.

They also help prevent damage while styling as many electrical appliances for your hair can cause it to overheat. Heating irons and curling tools can cause damage and the serum acts as a protective layer.

Selecting the Right Hair Serum

As with any product that we use on our bodies, it’s important to choose the correct product for you, avoiding side effects and further damage. This smooth Crème from Julien Farrel comes highly recommended as the styling cream smoothens and moisturizes your hair. It is rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins B, C, E and Panthenol. This enables it to leave your hair feeling silky and hydrated. It comes recommended by many Dermatologists and does not contain any harsh chemicals, which is why it is our preferred choice.

Many people wonder what the correct way of using hair serums is. They’re very simple to use – all you need to do is apply the desired amount on your hair (not your scalp) so that your strands are coated with the serum. After applying, you shouldn’t need to worry about your hair because the serum will help manage and protect it for you.

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