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The Latest Hair Trend: Wear Your Hair Long and Wash it Less

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This spring, more and more women and celebrities don the latest hair trend, which is to wear your hair long. Longer hair also means you do not need to wash it as often as a short hairdo.

Women Wash Their Hair Less Often

According to the Telegraph, long hair is increasingly popular among all ages, and not only with younger women. A British study showed that the number of women over 55 sporting long hair has gone up to over a quarter compared to 16% seven years ago.

The overall number of women with long hair has increased by 20% since 2010, claims the Telegraph. And women are now washing their hair less than three times a week for the first time in a decade. The average number of washes per week has gone down from 3.3 to 2.9 times over the past ten years.

This comes in part from the current trend to go “no poo”. That means to not use shampoo as frequently, and it is believed to be less damaging for the hair. But for the shampoo industry, this is not good news. According to the study above, British women bought five million fewer liters of shampoo last year. That means a loss of £17 million for the industry, which is almost $22 million.

However for the manufacturers of dry shampoo it is pretty good news, as that is the trick to go longer without washing your hair. You could also put your hair up or wear a hat to make your hair wash last longer.

The Latest Hair Trend Could Require Some Help

Many celebrities that catch on to the latest hair trend have the money and resources to do so fast. Recent pictures have shown Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens with hair down to their waists and Nicki Minaj with hair almost to her feet. It is clear that this does not happen overnight!

A professional hair stylist can make hair extensions look amazing, but be careful if you try this option yourself. Make sure to go to a reliable salon that cares about hygiene. Needles that are not sanitized could give you severe infections in the scalp.

Hair extensions are attached to the roots of your natural hair, which creates a pressure as it pulls at it. This could lead to hair loss in the form of traction alopecia and leave bald spots on your scalp.

If you are hesitant to use extensions but still want to grow long, healthy hair try a natural hair supplement or eat certain vitamins that will help naturally support the growth of your hair.


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