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No Poo Method – This is What You Need to Know

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The growing interest in natural health and beauty has been captivating people around the globe. Many are looking for ways to reduce the amount of chemicals and artificial ingredients in their lives and on their environment. The no poo method is one such method.

The method involves decreasing the hair washing frequency. This method promotes natural solutions such as baking soda and apple cider vinegar when washing the hair. Many love the results they see, but others have decided it is not for them. The method however does have positive benefits for both you and the environment.

No poo method and environmental impacts

Traditional shampoos contain sulfate and paraben, two chemical substances with alleged negative impacts on the environment. The chemical ingredients ultimately end up going down the drain and into our water supply. There are of course many shampoos out there that have less harmful impact on the environment. But unfortunately traditional shampoo will always have some form of chemicals. Many people have made the switch to the no poo method just for the environmental impacts.

No Poo Method and Health Impacts

The environment is not the only one to suffer from the chemical ingredients that traditional shampoos have. Our health can be impacted in a negative way as well. By starting to use the no poo method at least it eliminates these chemicals from our shower routines. As mentioned before, paraben and sulfate are two popular chemical ingredients in traditional shampoos. Parabens are chemical preservatives and are used to prevent bacteria and fungus growth in shampoo. Sulfate, is the chemical responsible for producing that richness that many people love to see in shampoos.

The health effects of both these substances are controversial. Researchers have reported that parabens are linked to allergic reactions and can worsen some skin conditions. They have also been linked to increased estrogen levels in the body which can contribute to a greater risk of breast cancer. Sulfates are known to cause eye damage.

All claims and controversy aside, the only way to really find out if the no poo method will work for you is to give it a try and see for yourself. How about try it out for a week as a start and then see how your hair feels? Remember that the changes may take a few weeks to notice.

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