The No Poo Method is Making Women Throw in the Towel

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Recent studies show us that women today wash their hair less than three times a week for the first time in a decade. This practice is more commonly referred to as the no poo method. According to a study, this lack of washing has has led to women buying less shampoo.

Instead more women than ever are buying spray-on dry shampoo, with brands like Batiste booming in popularity. Research by shampoo brand Herbal Essences recently revealed that over 25 percent of women are now using dry shampoo to refresh their locks without washing.

However, to battle the no poo movement, and to get women washing their hair in water more often, shampoo makers have launched new ranges designed to encourage more regular washing, experts at Kantar said.

For example, L’Oreal recently launched two low sulfate shampoos, one of which is designed to avoid stripping the color out of dyed hair. The other one contains oils for maintaining long hair.

Lauren Feltham, a beauty expert at Kantar Worldpanel, said, “Products like L’Oreal’s low sulfate shampoos are designed to capitalise on the long hair trend. The trend is towards washing hair less often, but shampoo makers still need people to be washing it.”

Hair stylist Anna Cofone argued that less frequent hair washing is good for hair health. She said, “Our hair loves the oils that are produced naturally by the scalp; they help to keep hair moisturised and healthy. Ideally, you should go for three or four days between washes.”

the no poo method
Try the no poo method and put your shampoo bottle down and wash your hair only with water.

Healthier Hair With the No Poo Method

The commercial shampoo marketers are great at convincing us that you need chemicals to achieve healthy hair. Natural, nourishing, healthy ingredients can supports natural, nourished, healthy hair as well though.

Commercial shampoo is great at removing dirt from your hair. In addition, it is great for removing natural oils, called sebum, from your hair. But two things happen next.

You use a commercial conditioner to make your hair soft and manageable. But, this commercial conditioner is full of harmful chemicals. Hair reacts to being deprived of all its natural oils by producing a lot more of those oils. This is why you have to wash your hair every 1-2 days or else it gets greasy. Many no poo-ers report being able to go 2 weeks easily without washing their hair.

Caroline Lynch, an IT consultant from Michigan, who has put down the shampoo bottle, says that her hair has improved since she chose the no poo method. “Less-frequent shampooing has improved the quality of my hair. I am no longer damaging it or drying it out with shampoo, and then with styling tools like blow dryers and flat irons and curlers”.

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