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Nutrafol’s Adopted Rescue Dog: Goose

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By Nutrafol Team2019-05-14

Giving back can help you grow, which is exactly what happened when our office began fostering Gustav, aka Goose. Nutrafol originally took in Goose, a four-month-old pit bull mix, from a New York City shelter to collectively care for him until he got adopted. But when his adoption fell through at the last minute, our Creative Director was compelled to give him a forever home.

“Goose is a classic case of foster fail,” Ariana explains. “I just couldn’t let him go—even though I already have another dog. Simple as it may sound, I never thought I’d be a doggie-mama to two wonderful pups. But here we are!”

Part of the reason Ariana felt ready to handle the commitment and responsibility was because she had the support of the entire Nutrafol company, especially CEO Giorgos Tsetis, behind her. In addition to the Nutrafol team pitching in to care for Goose and walk him throughout the workday, Giorgos and the company cover all of his food and medical expenses.

“With the support of our amazing office and CEO, I was able to take this beautiful boy into my home and give him the family he deserves,” Ariana shares. “Experiencing this firsthand made me realize how capable I am of grabbing the reins and carving my own unpredictable life path.”

With a strong support network, you can take on anything. That’s why we have our own naturopathic doctors in-house and offer unlimited consultations to Nutrafol for our subscribers. We are totally committed to your success. If you’re ready to jumpstart your own journey toward thicker, stronger hair, learn more now.

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