This is How You Will Prevent Hair Loss on Your Vacation

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Are you afraid that too much fun in the sun can lead to brittled hair and hair loss? Nutrafol gives you the foundation that you need to prevent hair loss on your vacation. So besides from prepping your body with vitamins and nutraceutical ingredients, this is also what you can do:

Give your hair some much needed hydration

Hydration is key because lack of moisture causes hair to expand and frizz, leaving it brittled. There are a few medical causes of brittle hair like malnutrition and hormone imbalances, but the most common causes of brittle hair are the elements. UV rays, chlorine, chemicals — all of these things attack our hair on a daily basis. If your hair is brittle it is easier for it to break and in some cases, even fall of. Before heading out in the sun, make sure to put some UV protecting oil in your hair.

prevent hair loss
Putting some UV protecting oil on your ends, even entire hair, will help you prevent hair loss on your vacation.

Avoid brittle hair and prevent hair loss on your vacation

The foundation to healthy, hydrated hair during the summer, is a protein-based treatment mask that you should apply at least 2-3 times a month. When you have applied the mask, use heat activation for the best results since it allows the proteins to penetrate and internally repair the structure of your hair. You can use heat from a blow dryer, steam from the sauna at the gym, or why not the beautiful summer sun?

After shampooing and conditioning use a leave-in conditioner as well, says Morgan Willhite, Creative Director at Ouidad. I call this the ‘base’ of your hairstyle, Morgan continues. The ‘base’ helps seal in the moisture by filling in any dry areas and taming the texture. Coarse, kinky and/or dry textures should use a cream leave-in conditioner.  This will smooth the texture in preparation for a styling product. Fine, curly and/or wavy textures should start with a base created with a liquid spray leave-in conditioner, which adds moisture without weighing down the curl pattern. Preparation is key. Therefore, by starting with these simple steps, you will tame the summer hairdo and prevent hair loss on your vacation.

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