Scientists Are Asking: What Are The Roots Of Male Pattern Baldness?

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male pattern baldness

There has been a lot of research about male pattern baldness, leaving this one no exception – a Scottish research team identified close to 300 genetic regions tied to baldness.

What does this discovery mean in terms of male pattern baldness?

However, these new findings do not mean a cure for baldness is coming tomorrow, though they do take us one step closer, says Dr. Ricardo Marioni, the principal author of the study.

Marioni, who is with the university’s Center for Genomic and Experimental Medicine, believes that the findings pave the way for an improved understanding of the genetic causes of hair loss.

In this study, the research team analyzed genetic data from more than 52,000 men and pinpointed 287 genetic regions linked to severe hair loss.  The study showed that many of the identified genes are associated with hair structure and development. This means that the genes could provide targets for the development of drugs to treat baldness some day, the researchers explained.

It was interesting to find that many of the genetic signals for male pattern baldness came from the X chromosome, which men inherit from their mothers, study co-leader Saskia Hagenaars says. Hagenaars is a Ph.D. student in the university’s Center for Cognitive Aging and Cognitive Epidemiology.

We would expect to see an even stronger genetic signal if we were able to identify those with early hair loss. This data was not based on age, study co-leader David Hill, a statistical geneticist at the university, says.

male pattern baldness
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So what can you do?

Now that you know where your male pattern baldness comes from, what can you do? Start by overlooking your diet. Are you eating enough greens? Fruits? Would you benefit from incorporating supplements? Good hair starts with a good diet.

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