Say Goodbye To Hair Breakage And Hello To Healthy Hair

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Healthy hair

Maintaining healthy hair can sometimes be very tricky. And it is true that breakage happens when your hair is brittle – from treatments, from elements from pretty much whatever. So to avoid the avoidable, follow these simple steps.

Healthy hair starts with:

Your shampoo

If your hair is even the slightest bit dry, try avoiding sulfates in your shampoo, for risk of drying it out even more. Therefore always be on the lookout for sulfate-free shampoo. So when you are out, looking for shampoos to buy, if you find the word SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) in the ingredient list, put the bottle down. Sulfate-free shampoo is a better choice for your hair. 

Eat more protein

Healthy hair starts from within so how about trying some protein-rich foods? Protein-rich foods actually sustain hair growth and body. They also sustain appetite, which is unrelated, but not a bad thing. And speaking of appetite, avocado toast with an egg is a simple meal that you can prepare and that is packed with proteins. Good fats like Omega-3 are essential and taking supplements that contain botanical extracts will help keep your hair healthy.

Turn the heat on with some oil treatments

Nutrafol mentioned regular scalp massage as an effective way to combat dry scalp, but hot oil does the trick too. Choose an oil of choice (avocado, olive, jojoba, or coconut are all good ones), something to heat said oil in, and a head full of hair. Heat the oil until it is warm— not scorching hot—and when it’s ready, lean over your bathtub, and pour it onto your scalp. Massage the oil from scalp to root to tip, separating out any excess stuff, and tuck your hair into a towel or shower cap when you are done massaging it. Keep it tucked in for an hour, sulfate-free shampoo it out, and repeat as often as you would like to or need. Experts recommend once a week, but your hair, your rules.

Switch your cotton pillowcase for a silk one to reduce friction.

Silk it up

As mentioned before, using a cotton pillowcase will only do some unnecessary damage to your hair. Friction between your hair and pillowcase is a real thing, but sleeping on silk prevents all of that. So invest in either a silk pillowcase or a silk cap. Silk caps affix to your head and stay in place all night long. Who said maintaining healthy hair cannot be glamorous?

Swap hair ties for scrunchies

Putting your hair in a ponytail can sometimes do harm to your hair. And doing it with a hair tie can only make that harm worse. So give your hair ties a rest, or even better, throw them out and get back to using those good old scrunchies instead. They are softer for your hair but also in fashion right now!

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