Pull Off Surfer Hair Without Even Trying – Or Going Surfing

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Purposefully messy, disheveled, and untidy, but still looking the part, is what surfer hair is all about. This haircut, in particular, is long, unkempt, and very often curly or wavy. The origin of the name comes from the stereotype of a hardcore surfer.
Surfer hair is hair that has been bleached by the sun, soaked in salty sea waters, and received minimal care. However, if you are not lucky enough to get surfer hair the natural way, there is a way to create it at home.

How to Get Surfer Hair

This goes without saying, but if you are looking to rock a surfer hairstyle, the first step is letting your hair grow long. There are a few natural ingredients that you can apply to your everyday life to support healthy hair growth but be sure to resist the temptations to just trim a little off when your hair gets to an impractical length. Eating a balanced, protein and mineral rich diet will help your hair grow as healthily as possible.

Let your hair grow down to about chin height around the sides, and eye height at the front — or even lower. Do not worry about trying to add any curls or flicks to your hair just yet. Any texture will come with time, and — when it does come — let it be natural. Make sure to keep it healthy.

surfer hair
Hair supplements such as biotin, saw palmetto and vitamin C is usually helpful when trying to grow surfer hair.

If your hair grows slow, look into you diet, you might want to to add some vitamins to your diet. And remember that you are not supposed to use shampoo daily, but whenever you do shampoo, be sure to use conditioner. You will want to keep your hair healthy and strong. Maintaining healthy hair will help it grow faster too and you will be closer to having surfer hair.




How to Style Surfer Hair

This cut is very low maintenance despite being so long. If you want to add some more excitement to the hairstyle, try some hair products. There are specific products for it, which attempt to mimic the sun-bleached, salt soaked look that surfer hair originated from. But all of this without damaging your own hair. Pick a hair product, that will create more of a matte finish — as opposed to a shiny one — for a more authentic look. If you get tired of your long hair and feel the urge to cut it off, do not! Choose a product which will create a more glossy finish, and brush through your hair before pulling it all back.

Photo: Rachel Haller via Flickr.

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