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Suzanne’s Hair Story: How I Took Control With Nutrafol

Hair Stories

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By Nutrafol Team2020-05-28

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“I’m happy with my hair today … I feel like I’m going back in time, like I’m getting something back that I lost.”

A music director, model, and mom, Suzanne realized her hair was thinning when it was literally surrounding her — on her shower walls, on her clothes, in her car. 

The shedding started in her early fifties, as she was experiencing peri-menopause and just several years after she embraced her beautiful gray hair. Unlike the change in her hair color, the shift from thick, wavy tresses to noticeable hair thinning took a toll on her confidence. “Day to day, getting dressed, no matter what I was wearing, it didn’t really matter, I wasn’t presenting myself the best and that was due to my hair,” she shared. 

Having had great hair her entire life up until menopause, Suzanne’s view of hair care was mostly external — she paid attention to her shampoo and tried to resist heat styling and chemical hairsprays. It wasn’t until she found Nutrafol that she adopted a more holistic approach to growing her hair from within. 

Keep scrolling to read Suzanne’s journey to hair wellness.

“My hair was shedding all over the place.”

My hair used to be very thick, but over the years it’s thinned out. At about 50 years old, I started noticing a change — my hair was shedding all over the place. When you’re younger, you may have a strand or two on your back, but this was everywhere. Starting with my shower in the morning, I would just pull hair out and it was all over the shower walls. My hair brushes got so filled with hair that I had to clean them out every day. People would get in my car and say, “Oh, you have a dog?” And I was like, “No, that’s my hair.”

For me, when my hair was thinning, it took away from anything else that I thought was positive about how I looked. The makeup, the clothes, the shoes — they didn’t matter. My hair wasn’t right and it would make me think, Should I put a hat on? Should I wear my hair in a ponytail? And that was really difficult because I was also going through menopause and there were so many things happening to my body.  

One of the most difficult experiences during menopause was my lack of sleep, not falling asleep but staying asleep. I would wake up burning hot with night sweats.

“As women, we don’t really talk about hair thinning.” 

I would look in the mirror and I was a bit surprised. I thought, I’m looking older. My hair is changing. And although at 50 we want to embrace the change, sometimes we’re not quite ready. As women, we don’t really want to talk about hair thinning, even though so many of us are going through it. 

When you look at the media, women of age, women with gray hair, it’s not about embracing our age, it’s about, “How can we hide this?” It’s about youth. Men are “silver foxes,” but there’s no term for women. It’s just, “she’s gray.”  

If you’re walking down the street and you see a man that’s balding, he’s handsome and distinguished, but that’s not the case for women. People see a woman with a widening part or thinning hair and they tell her, “You may want to put a hat on or wear your hair differently, because we can see some of your scalp.” The stigma for women is that we’re aging and we need to hide that. And there’s a multitude of products out there that will help us hide it — not help us fix the problem, but hide it. 

In this day and age, we want everything sudden and immediate, but that’s not always the best for us. Before finding Nutrafol, I wasn’t aware of any natural hair growth supplements that actually worked.

“I noticed a change after three months.”

I really wanted to make that decision to treat my hair from the inside out. Especially in my younger years, I didn’t think too deeply about my hair. I thought that taking care of my hair was just a little less blow-drying and straightening. But with Nutrafol, I’ve learned that it’s all about what happens from within. 

After taking Nutrafol Women’s Balance for approximately three months, I noticed changes in my hair. It was not only fuller, but there was a shine that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I’m getting the thickness back to my hair and it’s thinning less. I feel like I’m going back in time, like I’m getting something back that I lost. People say to me, “Wow, you look different.”

I’ve seen such a great change not only in my hair, but my sleep has improved, too. I wasn’t aware that stress and lack of sleep could cause my hair to thin. The ingredients in Nutrafol, specifically maca and ashwagandha, have helped me tremendously to decrease the night sweats, sleep through the night, and wake up refreshed. 

I’m happy with my hair today. The growth that I’m seeing and the changes in my hair give me more opportunities to style it in different ways. I just feel free. 

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