Feeling Uninspired? These Are the Best Hairstyles for Fine Hair

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Having very thin and fine hair can pose a challenge if you like a voluminous updo or thick curls. It can be hard to create volume by yourself, without the help of a professional. But many people with thick hair envy you! There are a ton of hairstyles that are easier to create and that look better on someone with thin hair. We have a list of the best hairstyles for fine hair.

  • The Angled Cut

If you cut thick hair at an angle, especially if you have shorter hair, it tends to blend together in thick waves and it is hard to even see the shape that the hairdresser had in mind. If the hair is curly, the effect is even less visible. However, this is a perfect cut for those with finer hair, as every strand falls into place. An angled bob also creates an illusion of thicker hair, thanks to the different layers and lengths. If you also add some waves using a curling iron or rollers, it will definitely add more body to the look.

Hairstyles for fine hair
Bangs and a Medium length.
  • Bangs and Medium Length

Having bangs with thick hair is kind of a challenge. Most of the time, they do the opposite of what they are supposed to and bend one way or the other. Many people with thick hair also have frizzy hair, which may not be the look you want when cutting bangs. But cutting bangs to a medium length hair, is one of the best hairstyles for fine hair. With thinner hair, the bangs will just fall down and create a relaxed and chill look. This will also make the hair around your face look fuller. You can make tousles in the rest of the hair using saltwater spray, or go the other direction and straighten it to the max. Either way looks good with well-behaved bangs.

  • A Feminine Ponytail

This is another hairstyle that is perfect for those with fine strands. Make the ponytail hight on your head and wrap a strand of hair around the hair tie to hide it. If you curl only the ends of the hair you will make them bouncy and achieve that retro look. If you want to add more volume, start off by using a dry shampoo close to your scalp and tousle your hair.

  • A Very Short Bob

A short bob cut – or if you are really brace, go even shorter an try a pixie – is definitely easier to pull off if you have thin hair. The hair is easier to shape and does not demand a lot of attention to look good. The angles and layers that it takes to cut this kind of hairstyle also makes your hair look fuller.

bob cut
A bob cut.
  • Blow-Dried Curls

The thing with thin and fine hair is that hairstyles – like curly ones – last longer because the hair is not heavy enough to weigh the curls down. Using a curling iron, or – better for your hair health – foam rollers or braids, to create waves will immediately create an illusion of more action. Blow-drying your hair after washing it while using a round brush to make waves will give it volume. Make sure to use a volumizing mousse and finish with a lightweight spray to fix the look.

  • If You Can’t Be Bothered to Style Your Hair

If you lack the time or energy for a lot of styling, be happy that thin hair can look good with minimal effort! Many of the best hairstyles for fine hair do not really demand much.

But – if you suspect that your hair is thin for some other reason than your genetics, looking over your health is a good idea.

Female hair loss is quite common, but most of the time it has an explanation and a solution. Hormonal changes, vitamin deficiencies, stress or pregnancy can all cause hair thinning in women. A healthy diet is important to fight this, as well as enough sleep and a checkup to make sure there is no medical reason. A natural hair supplement could also aid healthy hair growth.

Feeling Uninspired? These are the Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Hairstyles for Thin Hair

If you have naturally thin and fine hair, you are probably spared from frizz because of the humid summer weather, or having to fight with the flat iron trying to tame a horsehair-like mane. You can also probably let it air dry without worrying what shape it will assume. But sometimes you might want to up the volume. That is easily fixed with the right haircut or coloring job. These are the best hairstyles for thin hair.


Get your hair cut with layers to give it the illusion of more volume. This will allow you to style it in most of the ways you want. It does not matter if your hair is long or short, this look will work on any length. The hairdresser can simply adjust the lengths of the layers. This will make long hairstyles for thin hair look fuller even if your hair is very fine.

Cut a Bob

You are lucky to be able to cut your hair into a bob! This haircut is perfect for finer hair, as it will not frizz up in humid weather or demand too much styling to stay in shape. This can also be cut in layers, or dyed in various shades to make it look thicker.

The Pixie Cut

Hairstyles for Thin Hair
Volumizing mousse, spray or dry shampoo will help create more volume even for thinner hair.

For someone with thin or short hair, the pixie cut is always in fashion. Whether you are inspired by modern icons like Michelle Williams and Emma Watson, or classics like Audrey Hepburn, this timeless look can be styled to match most situations.


Wavy and curly hair will create an illusion of more hair and volume. Perhaps the most popular way to style your hair right now is to have a medium length, layered cut, dyed in ombre. Roll your hair up when it is damp, or let it air-dry and then use a curling iron.


Dyeing your hair can also make it look fuller, for the same reasons: there are more things going on visually. Using different shades and layers of color will give your hair depth. If you do not feel like dyeing all your hair, go for the subtler ombre look. That means dyeing the lower half of the hair, with a soft transition from dark to light.

All Hairstyles for Thin Hair Can Benefit From Volume Boosting Products

Whichever hairstyle you choose, there are volumizing shampoos nowadays that can boost your hair’s fullness. In fact, these work by not leaving as much residue on your hair as normal shampoos do, since that can weigh the hair down. Dry shampoos can also be used for the same purpose.

When it comes to styling, mousse is a great way of fluffing up your strands, but there are also hairsprays or gels specialized in achieving volume. They work by lifting the hair up from the scalp, creating more air between every hair and the illusion of more body.

Styling the hair with heat tools is actually also effective, even though it is damaging for the hair. Curling your hair will make it look more voluminous, and using a blow-dryer too. Just make sure to use a heat protecting spray to prevent split ends and dried out strands.