Foolproof Tips When It Comes To Hair Growth – Hairstylists Give Us The Inside Scoop

Growing your hair out takes time and patience, so it makes sense that many people are asking if there are any foolproof tips when it comes to hair growth. Nutrafol contacted two hairstylists to ask them for their best advice how to reach the desired result, the easiest way.

“The day you decide to grow out your hair, you have to really start taking care of it,” explains hairstylist Mark Townsend, who can be found at Sally Hershberger’s Los Angeles Salon when he is not busy styling the hair of the Hollywood elite. “To get the length, there are sacrifices, and this is something that I tell all my clients,” he continues.

The truth is that there are no shortcuts to a long luxurious mane. It is a several months long methodical process, a process that starts with a healthy diet and ends with a thorough cleanse.

How to Maximize Your Hair Growth and Get That Transformative Effect

First of all, to keep your hair healthy and strong in order to grow it out, you need to get the right nutrients in your body. A healthy and varied diet with lots of the good vitamins and proteins goes a long way, but you can also take a supplement that is designed to support healthy hair growth. Nutrafol is built to strengthen the hair from within. This is because the nutraceutical ingredients it contains include may of the nutrients known to be needed for healthy hair.

Commit and Do Not Skip Those Regular Micro-trims

“When you go for a dusting – taking off just an eighth of an inch versus a standard trim – you barely see hair on the floor”, says Mr Townsend. And he has a point. If you do these carefully calibrated micro-trims, you are preserving the length. The micro-trims are helping you to get rid of the split ends that have been caused by environmental damage. Among the environmental factors that can damage hair we count traffic pollution, the over-use of hot tools, the heat of the sun, salt from the sea, as well as certain chemicals. So minimize your exposure to these to safeguard your hair as much as possible.

What If You Do Not Commit to Micro-trims?

“If left to their own devices, those pesky split ends can work their way higher up the hair’s shaft,” explains fashion shoot hairstylist Vernon François. Mr François, who works in both Los Angeles and New York and who has created his own brand of hair care products, specializes in different hair textures and hair issues such as split ends. He has dealt with many customers over the years who have decided to hold off on trims, in the hopes of growing their hair faster. It had the opposite effect.
“If you wait too long in between trims, you’ll end up having to take off more length in the end,” says François.
Even if you are not a fan of the micro-trim, the real pros recommend at least three dustings a year in order to keep your hair healthy.

Tips for better hair growth
Pros recommend at least three dustings a year, it will keep your hair healthy.

Commit To a Weekly Conditioning Treatment

A weekly conditioning treatment is good for all hair types but especially for fine, curly or color treated hair. When you do these weekly conditioning treatments, pay extra attention to the tips François advises.
“They’re the oldest and driest part of your strands. They’re thinner and brittle, so giving them extra love will minimize breakage,” he explains.

You can also incorporate treatments into your day-to-day styling routine. If so, choose a mask that will hydrate your hair from the inside and out and boost your hair growth.

Commit to Cleansing Consciously

You have probably heard about cleanses when it comes to your body, but yes – you can also cleanse your hair. And it is something you should do. In fact, a cleansing is the foundation of any hair-care regimen, and it starts before you even step foot in the shower. All you need to do is to soak your strands for 10 minutes with a protective pre-washing tonic.

What Is It Good For?

“It’s going to leave a little bit of film on your hair, so the shampoo won’t strip it from it’s moisture,” explains Townsend.
If you do not have time to soak your hair for 10 minutes before you shower, picking a shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate-free will go a long way to help. Shampoos without sulfate will preserve natural hair oils, protecting your hair from becoming too dry. Massage the scalp while lathering up to increase blood flow and stimulate the hair follicles for better hair growth.

Our 5 Best Everyday Tips For How to Get Longer Hair

how to get longer hair

Are you also wondering how to get longer hair for the summer? Have you been trying to grow a flow of hair but cannot seem to achieve it? We have some great everyday tips for how to get longer hair, without going to any extremes. Common sense and some extra care could take you far.

Trim the Ends

Begin with a fresh start and trim your ends. It will make the hair look fresh and well taken care of. It will also make sure the split ends do not spread further up in the hair and make it even worse. Experts recommend a trim every six to eight weeks, but it depends on your hair type and quality.


When you have fresh ends, make sure to remember to moisturize to keep them healthy for as long as possible. A moisturizing conditioner and a hair mask on a regular basis will make sure the hair gets what it needs. Also moisturize from within by drinking enough water – and not sugary drinks like soda. A scalp massage with an essential oil or coconut oil will also increase the blood circulation in the scalp, and make your hair take up all the nutrients and moisture it needs.

how to get longer hair
Using heating tools on your hair will make it age faster. Save the curling iron for special occasions to help keep your hair quality good!

Take Care of the Hair You Have

The best tips for how to get longer hair is to take good care of the hair you already have – so that it stays healthy. If the hair gets nutrients and you do not wear it out too much, it will not fall off, break or slow its growth. The most stressful action we can expose our hair to is heat styling. Most of us are guilty of blow-drying our hair, and at least every once in a while, use a straightener or a curling iron. But try to minimize these occasions, and always use a heat protectant before. Do not use the hottest setting – a lower temperature is often enough, unless you have extremely thick or coarse hair. When you wash your hair the next time, use a hair mask and let the hair rest for a while.


Go Natural

Try to avoid hair products with harsh chemicals. Today there are plenty of natural shampoos and conditioners on the market. More chemicals will strip your hair of its natural oils and is also bad for the environment. By the way, you can also wash your hair less often than you think. How often depends on your hair type, but everything between three and seven days is common. And as mentioned above, try to let the hair air dry when possible.

How to Get Longer Hair? Eat Well, and Maybe Some Supplements

You are what you eat, so if you eat a healthy and well balanced diet, it will show. Your hair needs protein, it’s the main building block of the hair. Enough protein makes the hair strong. Getting all the different vitamins and minerals will also nourish the hair from the inside and make it more shiny and healthy looking. If you are stressed or for some reason cannot eat a varied, healthy diet, natural supplements are an option. These could help provide your hair with all the necessary nutrients and give it an extra boost in times of need.