Saw Palmetto Clinically Shown to Help Hair Thinning

Saw palmetto for hair loss

Finding safe and natural solutions for keeping your hair healthy is a top priority here at Nutrafol. That’s why we’re excited that researchers have shown the herb saw palmetto, also known as serenoa repens, utilizes the same pathway as Propecia, an FDA approved treatment for hair loss.

Propecia vs. Saw Palmetto

The drug known as Propecia (generic name finasteride) is a fairly common treatment for male hair loss but some doctors and patients want to steer clear of this medication because of its potentially scary side effects. For men and women seeking more natural solutions, herbal supplements provide a far less risky way to maintain a head of healthy hair.

When a study showed that saw palmetto actually can help hair growth, we wanted to make sure you knew about it.

Researchers compared the efficacy of saw palmetto to Propecia in this two-year study of 100 men with hereditary male pattern hair loss. The results? While 68% of participants using Propecia showed an increase in hair growth, confirming its efficacy, 38% of participants in the group using saw palmetto alone also experienced hair growth. So while saw palmetto wasn’t as effective as the chemical drug, it was proven to work—and without the negative side effects.

Another important finding from the study was that while 38% of the saw palmetto group experienced hair growth, another 52% of the saw palmetto group experienced stabilization of loss. Slowing or stopping the progression of hair loss, in and of itself, is a desirable outcome for those fighting to preserve their hair.

Saw palmetto a natural solution for hair loss
Saw palmetto is sold in four different forms: as whole, dried berries, as a liquid extract, in tablets, and in powdered capsules.

Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

So how does it work?

As it turns out, both the herb and the drug block the enzyme, Type II 5-alpha-reductase, from turning testosterone into DHT. As you may know, DHT is a hormone that contributes to hair-thinning by shrinking hair follicles. Smaller hair follicles means thinner hair, and nobody wants that.

Of course, taking a single herb is not a magic bullet. If only preventing hair loss were that easy! But since experts know that saw palmetto acts in a similar way to finasteride, we use the herb as part of our Synergen Complex to combat the production of DHT—one of the man culprits in male thinning. It turns out DHT not only causes hair follicles to thin over time, it can even lead to eliminating hair follicles completely. That’s why you’ve got to keep DHT levels in check.

Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Studies and Research

And rest assured, it’s not just one study that proves the power of saw palmetto. This white paper shows exactly how the herb stops the production of DHT. A small study of 10 males with androgenetic alopecia, showed a 60% improvement for those ingesting the herb. And another study, in which saw palmetto was applied topically in the form of a lotion and a shampoo for three months on 34 men and 28 women, led to a 35% increase in hair density and 67% increase in sebum reduction.

But before purchasing just any brand of serenoa repens, make sure you’re getting the real deal. Always buy from reputable companies and read the label closely to avoid unnecessary fillers. As to dosage: Several studies had participants taking 200 milligrams, twice daily, which is a good guideline to see whether saw palmetto may work for you.

Here’s Why Saw Palmetto Is A Hair Growth Supercharger

saw palmetto

Everyone experiences some degree of hair shedding as part of the natural cycle of hair growth. But if you’re losing an excessive amount of hair (more than 100 strands a day), there could be an underlying issue. Thankfully, there is natural support like saw palmetto for hair health. This palm-like plant has many health benefits.

What is saw palmetto and what does it do?

Saw palmetto is a plant that has long, saw-toothed leaves. It can grow as a small shrub or reach 10 feet high in some climates. The plant has white flowers and yellow berries that turn black when ripe. This plant has quite a rich history: Native Americans used saw palmetto berries as food and natural medicine for hundreds of years. Then, in the early 20th century, men took the berries for urinary tract problems, to increase sperm production, and even boost libido.

Best of all, saw palmetto contains plant-based extracts that can naturally support healthy DHT levels in the body, which in turn may help support hair growth. The active ingredients of saw palmetto include fatty acids, plant sterols, and sugars. It is available as pills, dried berries, liquid, or powdered capsules.

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Saw palmetto benefits for hair

Taking saw palmetto for hair health has gained a lot of popularity during recent years, as the plant contains components that prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT, a naturally occurring hormone in the body that contributes to hair thinning by shrinking hair follicles.

In a 2002 study on 10 men with androgenic alopecia male pattern baldness, there was an improvement in 60% of the participants. And then in a study conducted in 2004, 34 men and 28 women received topically applied saw palmetto extract on the scalp. Sixty-seven percent of the participants saw a reduction in scalp sebum production, while 35% experienced increased hair density, demonstrating the benefits of saw palmetto for women as well as men.

Other benefits of saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is an attractive option to support hair health. In some cases, saw palmetto has been used as a form of treatment for conditions including low sex drive, low sperm count, diabetes, prostate cancer, bronchitis, and more.

Saw palmetto in supplements 

If you’d like to try saw palmetto for hair regrowth, you might benefit from a hair supplement containing natural ingredients. Nutrafol contains a mixture of standardized, patented, and clinically tested botanicals, including saw palmetto, to support healthier hair.

A natural solution 

If you experience thinning hair, taking saw palmetto might be a great option for you. Learn more about how you can take advantage of the Nutrafol approach to hair wellness from the inside out.