Sun protect your hair and it will stay thicker and healthier longer

It goes without saying — when out in the sun, it is important to sun protect your skin. But what about your hair?
And lately, there are all sorts of products promising protection for our scalp and hair. But how on earth does SPF for hair even work? We clearly can’t load up on chalky, heavy lotion in our hair — so what are our options? Nutrafol talked with some experts to give you the best hair-care tips before you hit the outdoors. Paying attention to your mane and sun protect it, is now more important than ever.

What does sun damage to the hair look like?

By stepping outside without protection, you’re putting your hair at risk. These risks include faded color due to oxidation, lack of moisture, and overall distress, explains Ric Pipino, vice president of global creative at Alterna Haircare. These short-term effects make strands look and feel dull and dehydrated, but the longer-term problem is premature hair aging, he continues.
This process could mean a depletion of volume. You know that great, thick ponytail you’re used to? As you age, it’ll get thinner. And the sun only makes this process a whole lot faster.
The summer also brings wind, chlorination and salt water that produce free radicals which attack the hair fiber, says Pipino. These harsh seasonal foes weaken the hair’s integrity, putting you at risk for an overall withered, brittle appearance.

But doesn’t the sun only affect people who color their hair?

Not exactly. Although sun damage on dyed hair is more noticeable, it still affects everyone. The sun’s rays bleach both artificial and natural pigments. This is why it’s important to stay protected when you’re outside for long periods of time, explains Sacha Mitic, founder of Sachajuan. No matter the color, the sun will react with your texture, ultimately resulting in a dimmer, dryer appearance. Even though those rays don’t discriminate, chemically treated hair is more sensitive and therefore more prone to moisture loss, Mitic continues.

sun protect
Add some nutraceutical supplements as a part of your sun protect treatment. This will help your hair to stay healthier during the summer.

How do you sun protect your hair and scalp the best?

The goal when using sun protection in our hair, is to protect it from bleaching and to prevent moisture loss. You could apply SPF lotion for your skin to the scalp. But since that’s tricky, reach for a hat says Mitic. Alternatively, when you’re outside, definitely use a hair product with UVA/UVB protection and work it from your roots to your ends. Also, try a lower bun that sits at the nape of your neck, Pipino adds.
Try applying a conditioner, all over your hair, then throw it in a knot during a trip to the pool or beach. And do not forget to hydrate your body too while you are at it. Adding supplements full of vitamins and nutrients to improve moisture, strengthen and support your hair could help your hair while you enjoy the sun.

Sun Protect Your Hair When the Temperature Rises

Summer is almost here and oh, how we have been looking forward to it! But the season brings with it the need to protect yourself from excessive sun exposure and by that we don’t just mean your skin – it is also important to sun protect your hair.

Eating a well balanced diet and getting the necessary nutrition and vitamins is a good way to start preparing for those warm summer days. Without the right nourishment, summer hair can easily run amok. So, in order to prevent that from happening, preparations must be made. With all the fun in the sun comes a change in temperature that can wreak havoc on your hair. Frizz, limpness, texture changes, extreme dryness – all of these increase as the temperature rises. Nutrafol took some advice from Ammon Carver, Celebrity Stylist, on how to sun protect you hair by applying a day-to-day sort of maintenance.

Summer hair mistakes – which ones are the most common to make and how can one avoid them?

“Most women tend to over-work or over-style their hair during the summer. Summer is all about easy, effortless looks, so try not to get too fussy. Use lightweight products that won’t weigh hair down or keep it from moving naturally like mousse. This adds bounce and lightweight hold to curls and natural texture.”

What are some suggestions to avoiding common summer styling mishaps, like frizz, dryness, limp hair and excess oil?

“Use a lightweight finishing essential oil through your mid-length and ends, which fights frizz and dryness simultaneously. If you have limp hair and/or excess, just add dry shampoo at the scalp or use a texturizing and volumizing powder. The powder does wonders for adding lift and a beautiful summer-y texture.”

sun protect hair
Sun protect your hair with oil. Focus on the ends and use a hair comb when applying the essential oil on the rest of your hair.

Which are the ways that you can sun protect your hair?

“Many products are made with UV filters to help you when you want to sun protect your hair. Total Results Blonde Care Flash Filler and Biolage Colorcaretherapie Shine Shake are both excellent for sun/beach care and act as SPF for the hair. If for some reason you don’t have any UV hair products, apply a deep conditioning masque to your hair and slick it back into a simple bun while you enjoy the weather. It will help protect and condition the cuticle layer of your hair.”