Stress can impact your hair growth. Learn how to address it.
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DHT Inhibitor

With ingredients that help reduce the production of follicle-disrupting DHT.


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But there’s one thing we all have in common: Our hair grows healthiest when our bodies are functioning optimally. Power your hair growth potential by supporting your body in the all the ways you need it most with Targeted Boosters added to your GrowthPlan®—the perfect complement to your Core formula. Find yours by taking our Hair Wellness Evaluation.


DHT is the hormone responsible for androgenic hair growth issues. Aim for optimal healthy hair hormones by reducing the conversion of testosterone into follicle-shrinking DHT.

Ditch excess DHT

Saw palmetto helps prevent testosterone from converting into DHT, which is known to lead to follicle miniaturization.

Hello, hormone health

Androgen supporting botanicals for men and women experiencing androgen sensitivity, known to compromise hair health.

Growth cycle support

These ingredients support hair structure and healthier growth by helping to control DHT, the hormone known to shorten the growth cycle and accelerate the regression of hair follicles.

Growth-minded ingredients

Androgen sensitivity can be genetic or non-genetic resulting from environmental exposure, smoke, UV radiation, diet, aging and stress. The combination of Pumpkin Seed, Beta-Sitosterol, Nettle Root, African Cherry Tree Bark and Saw Palmetto are known to help inhibit excessive conversion of testosterone into DHT in men and women.

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Nettle root


African cherry tree


Pumpkin seed

Reach your hair growth potential.

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