Digestive Enzyme

The enzymes you need to unlock the building blocks for healthier hair growth.

We’re unique beings.

But there’s one thing we all have in common: Our hair grows healthiest when our bodies are functioning optimally. Power your hair growth potential by supporting your body in the all the ways you need it most with Targeted Boosters added to your GrowthPlan®—the perfect complement to your Core formula. Find yours by taking our Hair Wellness Evaluation.


16 broad spectrum enzymes designed to help break down food and improve digestion. Replenishing digestive enzymes supports absorption of nutrients essential to hair construction.

More about science
  • Utilize your protein

    Protein is a must-have for strong, shiny hair. Help your body produce keratin and other hair-strengthening proteins from your food to build better hair.

  • Protect your follicles

    Formulated with natural enzymes that promote a healthy inflammatory response to help prevent damage to the follicle environment.

  • Unlock micronutrients

    Hang on to the hair-healthy vitamins and minerals in your fruits and vegetables by ensuring they’re broken down effectively for absorption.

  • Other belly benefits

    Sufficient digestive enzymes tend to keep your gut feeling more comfortable by reducing bloating and gas while supporting regularity.

Growth-minded ingredients

This Digestive Enzyme is formulated with Bromelain and Serratiopeptidase which are known to promote a healthy inflammatory response. It also contains three different forms of Protease for extra emphasis on processing protein since it’s so important to your hair production and hormone health.

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Protease I, II, III

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