10 Ways To Help Prevent Hair Loss

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Prevent Hair Loss

Yes, you have heard them all: 5, 7, 10 ways to help prevent hair loss and you are probably wondering which one, if any, of the ones you have heard about you can apply to your everyday routine. So here are the top 10 ways to help prevent hair loss.

Catch Some zzz’s

Like the rest of our body, the hair too needs its beauty sleep, as it is during this period it recovers from the day’s stress and concentrates on growing. Good quality sleep of eight hours a night can help improve the strength of your hair.


Certain foods can help prevent hair loss. A protein and potassium rich diet will ensure that your hair gets the essential nutrients it requires to stay healthy. Protein helps strengthen keratin and potassium is an essential element in preventing hair loss, as it regulates the hair’s PH balance and acts as a conditioner, helping the hair to stay healthy and strong from the root.

Supplement Up!

If eating healthy is too time consuming for you and you somehow always manage to eat on the go, then supplements that provide essential minerals and vitamins for healthy hair are just what you and your hair need. They can give your hair the extra boost it needs to stay healthy and strong.

Extensions Down

Extensions is a big no-no. Not only because they were in style last year but also because it damages your hair more than you can imagine. In severe cases it can even cause hair loss.

Treat Yourself to a Scalp Massage

Scalp massages stimulate blood flow in the area and make it easier for the nutrients to get to the hair follicles.

Love Your Body

It is no news that cigarettes, alcohol or any other drugs can harm you and your body. But it can also lead to hair loss. So it is true when people say “your body is a temple” and it should be treated like that.

Stay Friction-Free

Do you often wear your hair up or in tight styles? Give it a rest and let it down from time to time. There is a reason why Rapunzel’s hair managed to grow that long, right? Constantly wearing your hair in tight styles creates a high level of traction and friction on the hair, which can lead to a hair loss condition called traction alopecia.

Avoid Chemicals to Prevent Hair Loss

Dyeing your hair and using heat tools can have a negative effect on the hair. Continuous usage of these kinds of treatments and tools can have an adverse effect on your hair as the chemicals in them can cause long-term damage.

Stay Calm

Easier said than done, right? Stress is a nasty state of mind to be in, for the mind itself bur also for the hair. And hair loss can be trigged by stress so meditation and yoga are two things that you can practice that will help you reduce stress.

10 Ways To Help Prevent Hair Loss
Give your hair as much love and care as you give your body. Drink a lot of water, eat healthy and avoid bad habits such as smoking.


Now, you do not have to run to the nearest pharmacy and buy all their hair loss preventing medication. You can however, if you are seriously worried about hair loss, pay the pharmacy a visit and ask for some hair growth boosters suited for you.

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Vix Walker via Flickr

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