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Hair growth and wellness from the inside out. You beautiful-headed creature, you.

Hair growth and wellness from the inside out. You beautiful-headed creature, you.

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Formulated to increase hair growth. And to help you reach your full hair health potential, we’ve got 1-on-1 consultations with naturopathic doctors and hair science experts, here to guide you every inch of the way.

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Turns out we're great at growing hair, but lousy at keeping secrets.

Get ready for something brand new, just for you: a personalized GrowthPlan®, featuring expert insights and targeted solutions custom designed for you and your hair.

There's nobody like your body.

Your unique body requires a customized approach to reach your healthiest hair growth.

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Plant powered performance.

Made from drug-free, medical grade botanical ingredients. Bio-optimized and sourced for increased absorption and efficacy.

View our ingredients table
View our ingredients table

Science is on our side.

With next generation research, clinical trials, peer-reviewed studies and the support of 1,100+ doctors and dermatologists*.

*Just like your hair, this number is subject to rapid, exponential growth. More about science
I have been taking Core for Women since May 2015 and my hair has never been as thick, long or healthy--and my patients love it too!
Dr. Jeanine Downie, Board Certified Dermatologist More about science
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