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For your hair, your health, and humanity.

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For your hair, your health, and humanity.

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We believe that when you take charge of your health and your hair growth, you also grow in other ways: in confidence, inner strength, and in feeling more empowered to help others around you grow too.

For yourselves and each other... keep growing.

A whole new category in hair growth.

A whole new category in hair growth.A whole new category in hair growth.

Nutrafol couldn’t be just another untested alternative to hair drugs. We had to innovate beyond both hair vitamins and prescriptions.

Our team of scientists and doctors take a scientifically rigorous approach to hair wellness research and the use of potent natural ingredients in clinically tested formulas.

Most people experience thinning hair at some point. If you’re one of them, you’re one of us.

We went through the same experience as millions of others. Our hair was thinning and it was stressful and scary. We tried conventional treatments, but we wanted a natural way to take control of our hair growth. So, we made one. The first Nutrafol hair stories are our own.

Giorgos Tsetis C.E

Co-founder, CEO

Giorgos started to see thinning hair while he was working as a model in his early 20s due to genetics and the stress of a demanding lifestyle. Fearing that it could affect his career, he tried a prescription hair drug. But after experiencing years of sexual side effects, he decided the health costs outweighed any benefits. He became dedicated to finding a natural solution.

Roland Peralta

Co-founder, Chief Innovation & Product Officer

Roland is an entrepreneur with a passion for the science of holistic wellness. He experienced thinning hair as he recovered from thyroid cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. On his healing journey, he began to research and use botanical nutraceuticals to treat his health conditions and saw his hair growth improve as he increased his overall health.

Dr. Sophia Kogan, M.D.

Co-founder, Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Kogan saw her hair shedding and thinning due to the stress of medical school and residency. Lack of sleep, an intense schedule, and poor nutrition took a toll on her health and her hair. She applied her medical education to her research on modes of whole-body healing for hair wellness as the basis for co-founding Nutrafol.

The experts who helped make it possible.

Meet our esteemed board of scientific advisors. Each a leader in their own field, they ensure that Nutrafol is always at the forefront of hair wellness research and their expertise was instrumental in the development of our hair growth formulas.

Dr. Sebastian Lighvani

Scientific Advisor

Board-certified in allergy, immunology, and internal medicine. He has been voted one of America's Top Doctors every year since 2006 and is a recipient of the Patient's Choice Award.

Dr. Patricia K. Farris

Scientific Advisor

Board-certified dermatologist, a nationally recognized expert in anti-aging therapies, national trainer in the most up-to-date injection techniques for natural facial rejuvenation, and an authority on cosmeceuticals.

Dr. Neil Sadick

Dermatology Channel Advisory

Founder of Sadick Research Group, author or co-author of over 500 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and has contributed over 75 chapters of medical books, making him one of the most renowned dermatologists and researchers globally.

Dr. Sharon Stokes

Scientific Advisor

Board-certified dermatologist, certified by the American Board of Dermatology. She earned her medical degree from Louisiana State University and completed her residency in both internal medicine and dermatology at LSU School of Medicine.

Dr. Roy Stoller

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Stoller is a pioneer in surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments, with over 25 years of experience.

Dr. Maria Kon

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Kon holds a PhD and medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Her PhD thesis work focused on cellular metabolism at the world-renowned Institute for Aging Research.

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