Frequently Asked

  • What is a nutraceutical?

    “Nutrient” (nourishing component) plus “pharmaceutical-grade” (bioactive) = “Nutraceutical". Nutraceuticals are medical-grade, standardized, bio-optimized botanical ingredients. During the extraction and purification process, they’re held to exacting pharmaceutical-grade standards.

    What makes Nutrafol’s nutraceutical ingredients stand out?

    Not all ingredients are created equal. For better efficacy, our phytoactive nutraceuticals are:>

    Standardized to contain guaranteed amounts of bioactive phytonutrients.

    Tested for efficacy and healthy use in clinical studies showing specific bioactivities, health benefits and growth improvements.

    Nutrafol uses high quality, standardized, clinically-tested and patented botanical nutraceutical ingredients.

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  • Will Nutrafol work for my hair type?

    Short answer: Yes!

    Fun fact: Your hair type is determined by the shape of the follicle that your hair grows from. If your follicle is flat or more oval shaped, the curlier your hair, while the more circular the follicle is, the straighter the hair. Nutrafol includes nutrients needed by all hair types and textures (kinky, coily, wavy, straight, curly, coarse, fine, thick, and thin) with the same goal of aiming to improve hair wellness from the inside out.

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  • Is Nutrafol suitable for everyone?

    Nutrafol is suitable for all hair types and ethnicities. We have three natural formulations – two for women (one specialized formula for menopause) and one for men, each uniquely designed to suit the differentiating needs of both sexes.

    However, you do have to be over 18 years of age, and Nutrafol is not suitable for women who may be pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have a medical condition, or are taking medications (especially anticoagulant and blood thinning drugs), please consult with your physician before using.

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  • How do Nutrafol Core Solutions work?

    The latest findings in hair research have shown us something surprising - that yes, while DNA plays a role in compromised hair health, so do other very significant factors. Our hair can be affected by environmental triggers like toxins, pollution, UV exposure, overstyling, a disrupted inflammatory response, oxidative stress, and androgen hormones. Not to mention the stress hormone, cortisol. Nutrafol’s clinically-tested botanical ingredients have been shown to multi-target various triggers to improve the health of your hair and overall wellness.

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  • What is the difference between Nutrafol Core for Men, Core for Women, and Core for Women Plus?

    When it comes to hair health, men and women have different biochemical needs. For instance, men may produce higher levels of the hair-damaging hormone DHT, while women may produce less. Thanks to years of research, Nutrafol is able to adjust to this by re-calibrating the amount of saw palmetto – a highly effective DHT blocker, in the men’s formula to better target that particular trigger. On the other hand, women often need more support against the harmful effects of stress so Core for Women is formulated with the addition of patented stress adaptogens. As a woman transitions into menopause, there is a quick decline in certain hormones like estrogen and progesterone in addition to susceptibility for oxidative stress effects. At that stage, women require extra support through ingredients like saw palmetto, Maca and Astaxanthin.

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  • How are the Core formulas different from biotin and other hair vitamins, minerals and marine collagen supplements?

    The latest hair research reveals that hair thinning is due to an accumulation of causes—stress (elevated cortisol), male and female hormones (DHT, estrogen, progesterone), oxidative damage, immune signaling dysregulation and environmental toxins as well as the natural processes of aging. Achieving healthier hair requires that you address these underlying causes on a consistent, ongoing basis. Nutrafol Core formulas use specifically selected botanical nutraceutical ingredients that are bio-optimized for their potent and unique properties. They’ve been clinically tested for efficacy in hair growth and overall wellness. Vitamins and minerals like biotin and zinc, as well as marine collagen (protein), are important for maintaining healthy hair because they provide necessary nourishment and serve as coenzymes in the mechanics of hair production. However, on their own, they’re simply not enough. Think of it like watering a plant in sick soil. It doesn’t matter how much you water it if the roots are in an unhealthy environment. Same with a follicle – if you don’t address the underlying causes at the root, the follicle is unlikely to absorb and use the nourishment. So before you provide the nutrients, you need to address the health of the environment with botanical nutraceuticals.

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  • What kind of results can I see with Nutrafol?

    Choosing to take control of your hair health is already a remarkable achievement. Congratulations! By taking a stand to do what you can to keep your hair, regardless of stage or age, you are already on the road to success.

    Everyone is different. Generally, when someone begins their journey with Nutrafol, they start to see some results early on. But let’s be honest – patience, like hair, is something we all wish we had more of. Growing… hair… takes… time. It’s a complicated process. But there are things we can do to kick-start the action. There’s no magic pill here… just a great way to support wellness from within by nourishing the environment that makes hair happy.

    Of course, consistency is key. If you take Nutrafol daily for 6 months, here’s a snapshot of what you’re likely to experience:

    Month 1-3: Set the stage for growth. The botanicals and supportive nutrients are working to balance your system and target the factors affecting your hair. Month 3-6: Start seeing healthy hair growth.* Month 7+: Stay committed. Stay growing.

    Commitment has its rewards. Our ingredients are shown to promote hair growth, more shine, better texture, stronger hair, and enhanced volume. In fact, many people tell us they experience better sleep, less stress, and clearer skin too - a little something we call side benefits.

    *Results may vary.

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  • What kind of progress is realistic to expect after I’ve sustained a certain degree of thinning?

    It all starts with addressing the overall health of your scalp environment by targeting multiple factors that cause thinning hair – like stress, cortisol, hormonal imbalances and more. Provided that you’re taking your Core formula every day, the results you experience will largely depend on the overall state of your follicles. When we’re young, our follicles are healthy and may contain several hairs, but as we age, our follicles age with us. They get smaller and thinner and shrink with each hair cycle. Soon there may be one hair, and then, none. At this point, some of the follicles are replaced by shiny skin tissue and are no longer viable. But fear not, there’s hope for the others – the ones that are dormant, or sleeping. This is when your Nutrafol Core is at its most effective in not only kicking hair growth back into gear wherever possible, but supporting a healthy growth environment overall. That means intervening as early as possible with growth-supporting nourishment is ideal.

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  • What if I’m not losing my hair, but want it to be healthier, stronger and more vibrant?

    The natural ingredients in Nutrafol Core formulas work from within to achieve better balance through their innate antioxidant and anti-stress properties. Many people who do not yet see thinning hair choose to take Nutrafol to support healthier growth. The ingredients in Nutrafol have been clinically shown to improve hair growth and quality. Who doesn’t love that idea?

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  • When is regrowth NOT possible?

    As much as we’d love to be able to say that we can help every hair growth condition, there are some degrees of hair thinning that don’t respond to internal solutions. As hair follicles shrink, they can become so small that they eventually become covered with fibrotic tissue. Usually at that point, the skin is visible and has a shiny appearance. In these cases, it’s likely that those follicles can’t be recovered. Still, Nutrafol is formulated with ingredients to help combat triggers of the follicle-shrinking process such as DHT, so you’ll likely see improvements in the hair that is left.

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  • Why are these products better than other dietary supplements on the market?

    We’re not ones to brag, but we will say that we designed our supplements to raise the bar in the world of supplements. Nutrafol’s supplements are formulated by doctors with potent plant-derived nutraceuticals clinically-tested for optimal efficacy. We use high quality, standardized ingredients backed by published scientific studies that support your overall health as they target leading causes of hair growth issues. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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  • Are there any other positive, healthy side benefits reported with taking Nutrafol?

    Oh yes. Nutrafol is a hair health powerhouse, yet its pure botanical ingredients have been shown to produce many other positive effects including: improved mood, reduced stress, better sleep and sometimes even better skin. Many of our customers report these additional benefits and more. Many also report significantly faster and stronger nail growth as well. In our Core for Women Plus formula, we’ve added ingredients shown to improve libido, mood, and help to reduce hot flashes.

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  • Does Nutrafol contain any drugs?

    No. Nutrafol is 100% drug-free.

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  • I know certain treatments can cause side effects. Tell me about Nutrafol.

    Nutrafol is made from pure ingredients found in nature and is 100% drug-free. As a result, we see positive side benefits like signs of improved overall wellness, better mood and noticeable skin health – things that go hand in hand with stress reduction, healthy antioxidant levels and proper nutritional support. Recently we conducted a clinical study conducted on Nutrafol Core for Women and reported no side effects, providing further support for our safety profile.

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  • Is there a risk that Nutrafol will lower my sex drive?

    Part of the inspiration for creating Nutrafol to begin with was that one of our founders was seeking an alternative solution for his own hair growth issues after his experience of dealing with years of sexual dysfunction caused by other therapies. Nutrafol is made from pure botanical ingredients and naturally-derived and is 100% drug-free. In fact, one of our key ingredients, saw palmetto, has been shown to support healthier libido.

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  • Will Nutrafol grow unwanted hair on any other parts of my body?

    No, and here’s why. Research shows that high levels of the hormone DHT can shrink scalp follicles in both men and women causing a reduction in hair growth. But excess DHT can cause the opposite effect on the face and body by signaling growth of hair in areas you may not want it. Saw palmetto, one of the key ingredients in the Core formulas, has been shown to reduce DHT activity, meaning that the only hair you’ll be promoting the growth of is right where it belongs – on your scalp.

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  • Gluten? GMO’s? Additives? Soy? Shellfish? Food allergens?

    Nutrafol Core formulations are free of many common allergens. Our supplements are made with vegetable cellulose capsules. They do not contain GMOs, soy, eggs, dairy, gluten, milk, peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, artificial flavors or artificial colors. If you have severe allergies, please read through the ingredient list carefully. Please discontinue use if you experience any adverse effects. Consult your doctor. Nutrafol is free from all shellfish and shark. Some other hair vitamins on the market use collagen or zinc derived from marine proteins contained in shark and mollusk powder, respectively.

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  • What type of Vitamin A do you use and how much of it is in Nutrafol?

    Nutrafol contains Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a pro-vitamin, meaning it gets an “A” for versatility because it can be converted into active Vitamin A internally when the body signals it needs more. Vitamin A is an important nutrient for hair health, but unlike Vitamin A, beta-carotene has no set upper limit and can be taken safely, free from any worries of toxicity. Nutrafol contains beta-carotene at a level found to help prevent Vitamin A deficiency. That’s A+ news for your hair.

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  • How do you source your marine collagen?

    Some other hair growth vitamins contain marine collagen from various marine sources, including shark, which is an endangered species. Nutrafol’s marine collagen is sourced from North Atlantic Cod caught from protected waters in the wild and derived from the skin and scales, otherwise unconsumed and unused parts of the fish.

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  • Why do you hydrolyze your marine collagen?

    Studies show that the smaller the molecule, the easier it is to migrate through the skin and serve as a biological messenger to trigger synthesis of new collagen fibers in injured tissue. That’s why we hydrolyze our marine collagen from large molecules (300,000 Daltons) to substantially smaller ones (2000 Daltons) so they can get to where they need to go more efficiently.

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  • How does stress negatively impact the hair growth cycle?

    If we have to lose something, then let it be stress. The negative effects of stress are well-documented, but here’s how it affects your hair – when we are stressed, the body pools its natural defense resources away from the organs that are technically non-essential to those considered vital for survival like the heart and lungs. And while we may consider our hair to be important, the body doesn’t necessarily agree and our follicles are “left out in the cold.” That’s when the adrenal glands kick in and start pumping out a hormone called cortisol. High levels of cortisol not only compromise the follicles, but also disrupt other important stuff like thyroid, estrogen, and progesterone hormones, which are essential for hair growth. At the follicle, elevated levels of cortisol can generate signaling molecules that disrupt its perfectly regulated hair growth cycle sending the signal for the follicle to go into the regression phase and stop hair production. All of this eventually leads to oxidative damage and increased cytokine molecules that lead to unhealthy hair. The Core formulas’ botanical stress adaptogens have been shown in clinical studies to help rebalance elevated cortisol levels in chronically stressed adults.

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  • What is a Targeted Booster?

    Targeted Boosters help support the body by focusing on the systems that are linked to hair wellness. It’s the perfect complement to our Core formulas, which multi-target various triggers of compromised hair growth. To find out which Targeted Boosters you may need, please take our Hair Wellness Evaluation.

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  • Do I have to be concerned with allergies when taking any of the Targeted Boosters?

    For those people who have a known allergy to the Asteraceae family of plants, such as ragweed, please use caution when taking the Liver Support booster. Members of the Asteraceae family include ragweed, chamomile, dandelion, mugwort, milk thistle, artichoke, and yellow dock. Please consult with your doctor before making any changes to your supplement routine.

    If you have a known allergy to pineapple, please use caution before taking the Digestive Enzyme and consider consulting with your doctor first. Bromelain is derived from pineapples.

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  • Is Nutrafol FDA approved?

    The FDA regulates prescription and over-the-counter drugs, not supplements. Nutrafol is a natural supplement that is 100% drug-free. That said, Nutrafol is manufactured in the USA in an FDA-certified facility that adheres to the requirements of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and uses Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) to ensure its safety.

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  • Where is Nutrafol manufactured?

    Nutrafol is manufactured in the USA in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility. GMP are a set of guidelines outlining a system of manufacturing processes and procedures which gives you the assurance that Nutrafol is produced in a sterile environment and that it contains exactly what is written on the label.

    The facility where Nutrafol is produced has been in business for over 20 years and is committed to meeting the ISO 9001:2008, NPA/NSF GMP, CCOF & QAI Organic and ISNA Halal standards that are consistent with FDA and international cGMP regulatory requirements. Our facilities are registered with the FDA, and inspected by the Department of Agriculture. We source the cleanest available ingredients and verify this by ensuring that they’re tested for proper identification, purity, and for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals. Testing of the final product for microbiological safety occurs before being packaged with every lot.

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  • Why does the color of my Nutrafol capsules seem to vary from one bottle to the next?

    We use many plant-derived ingredients in our formulas. Plants are not always uniform in color so neither are our formulas. It’s perfectly natural to have slight variations in color from bottle to bottle due to our extensive use of botanicals. This color variation does not affect the performance of the formulas because our ingredients are standardized to ensure consistent potency and efficacy.

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  • When should I start taking Nutrafol Core?

    While some begin taking Nutrafol in reaction to what they see in the mirror and in their hairbrush, others prefer a “better safe than sorry” approach. Since we now know that poor hair health is the result of stress, hormones and age-related changes, our Core can be taken pre-emptively in an effort to counter those factors before they take a toll on your hair and your health. When it comes to follicle preservation, sooner really is better. Because prevention is much easier than restoration, it helps to get out in front of any issues and start thinking about the well-being of your hair health now.

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  • Why do I need to take 4 capsules of my Core formula per day?

    It’s all about the science of measurement. Even the healthiest ingredients can’t be effective if they don’t add up to the proper dosage to make a difference. The efficacious amounts of our botanical ingredients, plus all the supporting nutrients, are only delivered to the extent that we measured in our clinical study if you take all 4 capsules as instructed. It’s the best way to ensure you’re getting the proper amounts of the good stuff. With that said, if you’re instructed by your doctor to take a different dosage, please follow your doctor’s advice.

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  • Why is it important to take my Core formula with food?

    Here’s how you can help directly optimize Nutrafol’s efficacy: Nutrafol contains a variety of hair health vitamins and therapeutic botanicals which are fat-soluble. That means that the best way for your body to absorb ingredients is along with healthy dietary fats like avocados, nuts, nut butters, cheese, eggs and oils such as olive and coconut.

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  • What’s the best time of day to take my GrowthPlan®?

    This depends on which products your GrowthPlan® includes. For your Core formula, anytime is a good time to take it as long as you pair it up with food for maximum absorption of its fat-soluble therapeutic ingredients. By choosing one meal a day, sticking with it and taking all 4 capsules at once – you’ll be way less likely to forget. Get into the routine of getting some control back – keep a bottle in the kitchen or at your desk, wherever you enjoy that daily meal.

    If you have Targeted Boosters in your GrowthPlan® as well, please refer to the directions on the bottle for each Booster you’re taking.

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  • Can I take the capsules out of their casing?

    This depends on the formula. In the case of your Core formula, the answer is yes. We realize that some people have difficulty swallowing supplements in capsule form. Don’t worry, you can always open the capsules and empty them into a smoothie, protein shake, yogurt, almond butter, or any food that powder will mix well into, as long as you’re including healthy fats at the same time.

    Hairbiotic: No, the contents should not be taken out of the capsule. We use an acid resistant capsule that maximizes the protection of the probiotics as they pass through the acidic stomach. Their performance could be considerably diminished if removed from the capsule.

    Digestive Enzyme: No, the contents should not be taken out of the capsule. In this case, the capsule protects your upper gastrointestinal system (mouth and stomach) from digestive enzyme actions that could feel uncomfortable and would be unnecessary if they occur prior to reaching the intestines. The capsule prevents the enzymes from releasing early in the stomach. The enzymes do their best work in the small intestine!

    Liver Support, Stress Support, and DHT Inhibitor: Yes, the contents of these supplements can be taken out of the capsule. But this may taste “earthy” in a way that may not suit every palate.

    Sugar Balance: No, the contents should not be taken out of the capsule. The ingredients in Sugar Balance work best in the small intestine.

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  • What if I miss a few days?

    Missing a day or two isn’t going to hurt, but consistency is important. Unquestionably, your hair health is related to countering the conditions like free radical damage and stress that lead to thinning. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your follicles happy and healthy with a continuous stream of nourishment. That means a daily date with Nutrafol for at least six months to optimize the benefits.

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  • Can I take a loading dose when I get started or transition to a maintenance dose once I see results?

    We have clinically tested the Core for Women formula for efficacy and can only attest that 4 capsules will have an effect. As eager as you may be to get growing, we do not advise taking more than the recommended dose (a loading dose). For the same reason, while it’s possible some people may find they can use fewer than 4 capsules, at this time we do not recommend taking a lower (maintenance) dose of Nutrafol unless you’re instructed to do so by your doctor. Some of the ingredients require a certain amount to be taken each day to have a specific outcome. Taking less may compromise your results.

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  • After I see results, should I continue to take Nutrafol?

    YES! YES! YES! Positive results mean that it’s working, and consistency is important in continuing to see those results. Unless you’ve somehow discovered a magical way to dodge the everyday triggers of compromised hair health (aging, diet, environmental exposures, stress, etc) your body needs the added support of the ingredients in your Core formula on an ongoing basis.

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  • Do I have to take Core AND Targeted Boosters products?

    You’re completely in charge of your hair growth strategy! You can decide to take just your Core formula or pair it with your recommended Targeted Boosters. With that said, your personalized GrowthPlan® is curated exclusively for you and for your hair’s needs. So, if you are recommended the Targeted Boosters in addition to your Core, it means we have assessed through your Hair Wellness Evaluation that this will be the most effective GrowthPlan® to help you improve your hair health. Your Core formula is essential as the foundation of your hair growth strategy to multi-target various triggers of compromised hair growth while your Targeted Boosters act as the perfect addition to help support your body and focus on the systems linked to hair health that you may need extra support for.

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  • What if I miss taking the Targeted Booster for a couple days?

    It’s ok if you miss a few days of your Boosters. But remember that consistency is key, especially if you are trying to support the systems in the body linked to hair health. The Targeted Boosters are designed to promote your best possible results by providing full body support for the systems in need when it comes to overall health and hair wellness.

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  • Are there any contraindications or precautions with Nutrafol Core?

    Nutrafol Core is for adult usage only (18+ years old) so please keep out of reach of children. It’s also not suitable for women who are or may become pregnant or women who are breastfeeding. If you have a medical condition or taking prescription medications, it is always advisable to consult your doctor prior to using any new dietary supplement, including our Core formulas.

    Blood thinners: Several plant actives in our Core formulas are known natural blood thinners that improve blood flow and circulation. Therefore if you are prone to bleeding episodes, have a blood condition or you’re taking blood thinning, anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs (Warfarin, Plavix, Heparin, etc.) – you need to be careful with ingesting any additional natural blood thinners and should consult with your doctor before considering Nutrafol Core.

    Hormone-sensitive conditions in women: Saw palmetto is an ingredient in our Core formulas. Unlike proven phytoestrogens from dietary plants (e.g. soy), saw palmetto’s main effect is not on estrogen, but on testosterone. Its main effect is on androgen receptors and on blocking the 5-a reductase enzyme to prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone – the primary hair-damaging hormone that acts on follicles as a trigger for hair thinning in genetically predisposed individuals.

    However, if you have or have had a hormone responsive cancer, it is important to speak to your doctor before making decisions regarding any herbal supplements.

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  • Are there any contraindications or precautions with Targeted Boosters?

    Nutrafol Targeted Boosters are for adult usage only (18+ years old) so please keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or you’re taking prescription medications, it is always advisable to consult your doctor prior to using any new dietary supplement.

    Blood thinners: Some plant actives in the Stress Adaptogen may affect the performance of Warfarin (Coumadin). If you are taking this medication, you should consult with your doctor before considering the Stress Adaptogen.

    Blood glucose medications: Some of the minerals in the Sugar Balance are known to have a positive effect on blood glucose metabolism. If you are already taking medications to control your blood sugar, you should consult with your doctor before considering the Sugar Balance.

    Antibiotic medications: Antibiotics function to remove harmful pathogens from the body. It’s generally advised that probiotics be taken at least 6 hours away from an antibiotic. Please consult with your providing physician for more information.

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  • Can I take Nutrafol products with other hair supportive products and supplements?

    In general, the ingredients in Nutrafol do not interfere with our pharmaceutical and supplemental friends (or foes), mostly because the other guys mainly target one aspect of poor hair health, while we multi-target the various causes. We went the extra mile to make sure that your GrowthPlan® is as comprehensive a solution as possible and we’re happy to double check whatever else you’re taking to make sure you are not taking any nutrient in excess of the RDA (recommended daily allowance).

    When it comes to topical treatments, you’re welcome to continue with any topical products you may be using if they are working for you at this time. As always, if you are on prescription medications, we recommend talking to your doctor before starting any new dietary supplement, including Nutrafol.

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  • If I’m already taking biotin, can I take Nutrafol?

    Yes, but…. we don’t recommend it. Here’s why. Nutrafol contains 3000 mcg of biotin, which is a practical amount to support healthy hair. While it’s true that other supplements on the market feature higher doses of biotin, the research just doesn’t substantiate that it makes a difference one way or the other.

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  • Are there risks of taking Nutrafol Core with thyroid medication?

    Well-balanced thyroid hormone levels are absolutely necessary for healthy hair growth. And thyroid irregularities are often found to be a hidden cause contributing to poor hair health. There are no known problems taking Nutrafol with thyroid medications. In fact, one of our co-founders is a thyroid cancer survivor and he takes his Synthroid along with his Nutrafol daily. What’s more, some of our ingredients like Ashwagandha, selenium and others – are actually known to improve and support healthy thyroid function.

    As always, if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications, we advise you consult with your doctor before beginning any new dietary supplement, including Nutrafol…just to be safe.

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  • Can I take antibiotics and Nutrafol products at the same time?

    If you’ve been prescribed an antibiotic, please consult your doctor before using Nutrafol products or any other supplements during your course of antibiotics. A general rule of thumb recommends that antibiotics be taken several hours apart from all other medications and supplements, including probiotics.

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  • What do you mean by a “personalized plan”?

    One size doesn’t fit all. Everyone has a different set of circumstances and a different genetic and biochemical makeup than anybody else. So it’s likely that you may require different nutrients and supplements for your own hair health goals than someone else. With that in mind, our expert assessment tools help us design and curate a personalized GrowthPlan® specifically for you and your hair.

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  • What does the GrowthPlan® include?

    The Nutrafol GrowthPlan® is everything you need to grow - a custom collection of natural products, a comprehensive support system and our proprietary diagnostic tools.

    Your curated product plan:

    Your personalized GrowthPlan® begins with a customized subscription that includes your Core formula as the foundation of your growth strategy with the addition of two Targeted Boosters for customized support (if they’re needed based on your Hair Wellness Evaluation). Your subscription also gives you access to our full range of products.

    Your access VIP services:

    We’re here for your hair beyond bringing you natural, effective hair growth products. Your GrowthPlan® also includes access to 1-on-1 consultations with our hair health experts and Naturopathic Doctors, insights from our expert assessment tools, and inspiring content to help you succeed- everything you need to keep growing.

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  • How does my GrowthPlan® work?

    Using your answers in the Hair Wellness Evaluation, we’ll start by determining which Core formula is best for you. Your Core multi-targets various triggers of compromised hair health with powerful nutraceuticals and essential nutrients for overall health. From there, we determine the top two areas in which you could use some additional assistance and recommend Targeted Boosters based on your personal needs. The Targeted Boosters help support the body further by focusing on the specific internal systems that are linked to hair wellness. Most people will need Boosters, but it’s possible that your evaluation may indicate that you don’t need any specific support apart from your Core formula.

    Here’s where you become part of our growing community. You can activate your GrowthPlan® by placing your first subscription order so we can ship it out to you right away. From there, you have access to all your subscription benefits.

    Our doctors and hair health experts are here to guide you along the way to ensure your best possible progress. This starts with your 1-on-1 consultation with one of our doctors. Once you’ve activated your GrowthPlan® subscription, you can reach out to us at to schedule your phone consultation appointment. During your consultation, you’ll talk with a naturopathic doctor about your hair health history, and the doctor will provide personalized advice and nutritional/lifestyle practices to set you up for success on your hair growth journey.

    Over the months and through the years, we’ll continue to be available to you as your guides for growth and help to empower you with inspiration to keep growing.

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  • What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

    Our team consists of licensed Naturopathic Doctors who are specifically trained in integrative hair health. A Naturopathic Doctor is an integrative doctor trained in both conventional and natural medicine. They take a holistic approach to wellness in which they aim to find the root cause of a problem and focus on supporting the whole body. Common modalities used are lifestyle management, nutrition therapy, nutraceuticals, and botanical medicine. Their extensive level of education sets them apart from naturopaths, holistic health practitioners, and health coaches who receive certifications rather than degrees.

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  • What does an initial consult with a doctor include?

    Part of your GrowthPlan® is a 1-on-1 consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors. The goal of setting you up with a consultation with one of our doctors is to get to know you better and establish a partnership to guide you through your hair health journey. During the call, a doctor from our team will review your hair health history and lifestyle practices like duration/frequency of exercise, stress management, and nutrition. Our support doesn’t end after the initial consultation, our team wants to be a “partner in progress” with you as you work to better your hair, and we are always available to support you with any questions you might have.

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  • Why is my friend’s GrowthPlan® different from mine?

    As much as the two of you have in common, you’re still fundamentally different beings. What works for your friend might not work for you. Based on genetic makeup, biochemical individuality, experiences and lifestyle, your body likely has different nutritional and botanical needs. While your friend’s GrowthPlan® may look pretty amazing, trust that your GrowthPlan® is the one that was designed with you in mind. If you don’t agree with your recommendations, we’re happy to help you find a GrowthPlan® that feels like it suits you better. We have an outstanding team of hair health experts, naturopathic doctors and physicians on call to help you grow and learn.

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  • What if this recommendation is different than what my current regimen is (or what my doctor says)?

    The recommendations we provide from your Hair Wellness Evaluation are not intended to be taken as medical advice or replace any advice from your doctor! If your doctor has set a plan for you, we recommend following it. We only want what’s best for you. Please, feel free to share your Evaluation results with your doctor.

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  • Can my plan change over time?

    Yes. We expect that your GrowthPlan® will evolve over time based on your age, changing body and the different exposures you may encounter. If you’re loving the results and decide to stick with Nutrafol for the long run, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to check in and make sure your GrowthPlan® is best suited for you and your hair’s needs at every stage.

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  • Can I switch the products in my GrowthPlan® or Core Subscription?

    The products in your GrowthPlan® are carefully chosen based on your answers to the Hair Wellness Evaluation. The evaluation helps reveal what your body needs for optimized hair health. However, some people may decide that they need additional or different products based on their own research. For assistance from a Hair Science Expert or to make product changes within your subscription, please contact our Customer Experience team at or call us at 888.454.3320.

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  • If I’ve been getting Targeted Boosters in my GrowthPlan®, can I go back to just my Core formula if I want?

    You’re in charge of your hair growth experience every step of the way. If you’ve been using our Targeted Boosters but would rather go back to basics and just rely on your Core formula, of course you’re free to do that. We believe you’ll see your best progress if you use your entire GrowthPlan®, but if you’d like to make changes to it, simply contact our Customer Experience team at or call us at 888.454.3320.

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  • Can I buy the Targeted Boosters separately if I am not a subscriber?

    Our Targeted Boosters are only available as part of your subscription GrowthPlan® at this time. While they can be beneficial to overall health when used on their own, they’re designed to support your body in specific ways whereas your Core formula is the foundation of your hair growth strategy.

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  • Do I have to subscribe or can I just buy one product?

    Nutrafol is only available through subscription. That way, you get the full benefit of all that we offer to help maximize your hair growth potential - things like expert assessment tools and 1-on-1 consultations with Naturopathic Doctors and hair science experts. Plus, consistency is key - we’ve seen over and over again that the best results are achieved when Nutrafol is taken for 6 months and beyond. Why? It’s all about your hair growth cycle. Just as it can take months for the effects of hair stressors to show up, your hair also usually takes at least 6 months to begin showing the effects of any health supportive changes you’ve made. Subscription and consistent daily use month after month gives your hair its best chance for better growth. Plus, you can cancel or pause your account at any time, so subscribing is a no brainer.

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  • When will my first order arrive?

    The waiting is the hardest part! We need 1-2 business days here to get your order processed and packaged for you. Once we ship it, packages usually take 3-7 business days in transit before they arrive to your door. Each shipment comes with tracking so that you can follow your Nutrafol on its journey to you. Once on subscription, orders arrive automatically, every month.

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  • How much does shipping cost?

    For you? It’s free. We offer free shipping to our US customers on all orders from

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  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal

    You can also pay us... compliments! We love to hear about your positive Nutrafol progress on social media.

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  • Does Nutrafol store my credit card information?

    Yes, we do store payment information so your subscription order payments stay on track. But worry not, we guard it like our own and keep it encrypted. Nothing is more important to us than your safety and privacy, which is why our payment system is state-of-the-art secure.

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  • When will my account be charged?

    Your hair health journey begins as soon as you place your first order. That’s when we charge your preferred payment. Then, to help keep you on track with your goals, we bill and ship orders every month. However, if you ever need to hold an order, pause or cancel your account, you can do so at any time by contacting our Customer Experience team.

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  • I see multiple charges on my account, but my subscription is for one monthly shipment. What happened?

    If a card on file is declined in the initial attempts to process an order, those attempts show up on your bank statement as authorization holds. However, these are NOT actual charges and will drop off your statement within a few business days! Once the card is updated and a successful charge is taken, your order will then be shipped. We will send confirmation of that order along with your tracking info.

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  • What is your return policy?

    If you need to return your product, please return it to us within 30 days of your delivery date. We’ll be happy to provide a refund once we receive your returned package. Since we’re unable to resell returned products for quality assurance reasons, we do assess a return fee to all refunds. The return fee is 11% of your product purchase price for an unopened product in the original packaging and 25% for an opened bottle. While we offer free shipping of your outgoing orders, we do ask that you cover the cost of your return shipments.

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  • Do you ship outside of the United States?

    We’re growing everyday. Today, we ship to a limited group of international countries, but our long term plan is to make Nutrafol available in as many countries as we can. Please contact our Customer Experience team for more information.

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  • Do you ship to P.O or APO boxes?

    We apologize, but at this time, Nutrafol does not yet ship to P.O or APO box addresses.

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  • Can I update my shipping and billing address ?

    Yes, indeed. It’s simple. Just log into your account page. Go to the “Address Book” section of your account and enter your NEW address. Where you grow, we grow. Just be aware that any order that has already been processed and shipped will go to the previous address. If you have any questions, our Customer Experience team is here to help.

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  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    If you feel the need to cancel your subscription, let us be the first to say “We’re sorry to see you go!” Before you part ways with your hair wellness strategy, we recommend booking a 1-on-1 consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors for greater insight into your hair’s needs. We have diagnostic tools and assessments to get a better picture of what might be getting in the way of your growth success. If you’re certain you’d prefer to cancel, we try to make it as easy as possible for you. Just email or call us at 888.454.3320. Our Customer Experience team will reach out and cancel your account within 24 hours.  

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  • How do I skip my next order?

    If you don’t want to receive your next order, we’re happy to help you make changes to your subscription. You’ve got options! You can skip a shipment, pause your account, or cancel your subscription altogether if needed. If you need to cancel your next order for any reason at all, simply contact our Customer Experience team at or call us at 888.454.3320. Keep in mind that if an order is already in transit to you, any changes made to your account will apply to the following shipment.

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  • Can I pause my subscription?

    No problem. Sometimes you just have to hit that pause button. We try to make it as easy as possible for you. Just email or call us at 888.454.3320 If you don’t want to wait, just give us a call at 888.454.3320 and we’ll put the pause on for you right away.

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  • I’ve canceled my subscription. Can I reactivate it?

    Once you cancel your subscription, we are unable to reactivate the same subscription, so you may want to consider simply pausing your subscription instead to maintain your current pricing. But if you do prefer to cancel, you can create a brand new subscription in the future (just keep in mind that the pricing and terms of a future subscription may be different than your current one). If we can help with this, simply contact our Customer Experience team at or call us at 888.454.3320.

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  • What if my order was lost, stolen or is missing something?

    It’s rare, but it happens. If your order has not arrived within 3-7 business days from the day you received your tracking number or if your package arrived but was missing an item, please reach out to our Customer Experience team. We’ll do everything we can to track down your products or get a replacement out to you asap.

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