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I Tried 30 Days Of Boxing Workouts — Here Are My Results


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By Hilary Sheinbaum2020-01-27

As a lifestyle and wellness writer, I’m always looking for different ways to improve my health. Lately I’ve been working on my hair wellness by leveling up my diet, liver health, and physical fitness — because good hair health requires a whole-body approach. 

Feeling eager for a workout challenge, I decided to partake in 30 days of Rumble Boxing to see how it would change my body, both inside and out. That meant one full month of 45-minute boxing drills and resistance training. 

The first time I heard about Rumble was a few years ago when an ad appeared on my Instagram feed. Despite being active and athletic, I didn’t know how to punch properly or put on wraps, as I hadn’t boxed much previously. The thought of going to even one Rumble class was a bit intimidating, but I wanted to see how my body would change if I did it consistently. 

And so, my 30-day Rumble Boxing challenge quickly began.

Inside a typical Rumble Boxing class

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned boxer, Rumble Boxing is user-friendly, starting with check-in, where easy-to-use slip-on wraps and gloves are available.

Booking classes is cinch — they have their own app where you can pick your studio location, session time, and station in class. Also, before every 10-round, 45-minute class, the instructors take you through the punches and floor exercises, rather than assuming people know what they’re doing (and even if attendees do, a refresher is a great way to warm up).

Ready to rumble

I started my 30-day challenge eager to angrily punch something. After suffering a running injury, I was devastated that I couldn’t run or spin (two exercises I love!) and could feel my stress levels rising. I was relieved to find that Rumble Boxing’s exercises didn’t irritate my hurt leg.

In the beginning, despite my love for cardio, I felt less-than-impressed with my performance in class. Weights (starting at 5 lbs, and going up to 20) felt really, really heavy during the workouts. Even weight training exercises, like squats, were causing me to sweat. Still, each and every morning (usually at 7 am during weekdays and 10:45 am on weekends) I walked into class, ready to take on 10 rounds.

In between rounds, I was still moving. Instead of resting and waiting for further instruction, each energetic and encouraging trainer asks attendees — including yours truly — to complete boxer sit ups, boxer bounces, Ali shuffles, and more.

Seeing progress

Throughout one month, I took 25 classes, taking a few days off while traveling and another few days to rest while I was sick. Within my 30-day challenge, I wasn’t watching the number on the scale or trying to become a professional boxer, but I did notice a change in my stamina and my energy levels. Instead of walking out of class completely wiped, I felt less fatigued throughout the day. My body was actually adapting to more reps and heavier weights during exercises, and I could feel my stress levels lowering. I was becoming more confident while punching (read: I actually felt like I knew what I was doing).

My results 

At the end of my challenge, I was sad to leave the studio as I removed my borrowed boxing gloves for the last time. I realized the commitment made me a stronger, less stressed person (even though I was waking up at 6 a.m. most mornings!). 

Despite getting up earlier, I found I was actually sleeping better than before starting this challenge — which had a positive effect on my hair. Getting inadequate sleep puts the body under stress, and stress is a major culprit when it comes to poor hair health. 

Going to Rumble and staying active helped me sleep better at night and kept my stress and inflammation in check. My hair looked and felt much healthier after this month-long challenge. Given the benefits that Rumble had on my body and my hair, I’ll definitely be returning again and again to throw some punches.

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