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How To Age-Proof Your Hair (& Libido), Naturally

Hair Health

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By Dr. Kali Olsen, ND2020-10-08

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The dream of aging well includes a full life and an equally full head of hair. But for men, that last part can be challenging. An estimated 66 percent of American men experience hair thinning by age 35, while 85% have significantly thinning hair by age 50. 

The latest science shows it’s not just genetics that contribute to these stats; there are multiple factors that influence a man’s hair health, including stress, hormones, nutrition, metabolism, and environment. To boot, genetic predisposition to hair thinning is heavily influenced by these lifestyle and wellness elements. A high sugar diet, unchecked stress, irregular sleep, and toxins from the environment can trigger or worsen hair genetics. 

The secret to age-proofing your hair? A body in balance. By addressing the multiple root causes of men’s hair thinning with medical-grade nutraceuticals and a healthy lifestyle, guys can keep their hair, experience less stress, and even support their libido.   

Keep scrolling for four essential anti-aging tips for men’s hair and sexual wellness. 

1. Give your hair the nutrients it needs (and limit sugar)

Remember when you were little and people told you to eat right so you could grow big and strong? The same is true for your hair. Ensuring hair follicles have access to the nutrients they need is a big step toward great hair growth. The right protein building blocks — like the amino acids lysine, methionine, and cysteine — help fuel hair growth and add thickness and strength to a man’s strands. You can find these important amino acids in Nutrafol Men, which is recommended to be taken with a meal of healthy fat and lean protein. 

Another nutritional supplement for hair is horsetail, an herb rich in the mineral silica to support tensile strength in hair. The minerals selenium, zinc, and iodine can also help support the behind-the-scenes biochemistry (like thyroid hormone creation) that keep the hair growth cycle going strong. The all-important vitamins D and C, meanwhile, protect hair follicles from damage while supporting production of keratinocytes and collagen, ensuring a strong environment to foster hair follicles. 

You can get all of these vitamins and minerals in your daily dose of Nutrafol Men, as well as in these tasty foods:   

  • Citrus fruits
  • Bell peppers 
  • Low-mercury fish
  • Egg yolks 
  • Nuts and seeds 
  • Grass-fed, organic meats

Keeping an eye on sugar consumption is also important in safeguarding hair health and supporting the healthy metabolic function necessary to foster growth. Your metabolism has the power to make (with positive signaling) or break (with inflammation) your hair growth cycle — and high sugar consumption can easily throw metabolic function out of whack.

2. Support your body’s response to stress for better hair and libido 

The ashwagandha in Nutrafol Men balances stress hormones and supports a healthy libido.

We know that high levels of stress hormones cause important skin components like collagen — essential for its role in supporting hair follicles — to break down significantly. As if that weren’t bad enough, stress hormones also have the power to throw hair follicles right out of the growth phase. And finally, long-term (aka chronic) stress has the unfortunate habit of tanking libido: Studies show that daily stress correlates with lower sexual satisfaction and activity. 

When it comes to supporting your body’s stress response, you’ve got options. Mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga have been clinically shown to reduce markers of stress, along with the regular use of medical-grade adaptogens like the ashwagandha found in Nutrafol Men. This ancient root has the dual ability to support libido while protecting hair and skin from the negative impact of stress hormones. 

To combat collagen-depletion from stress, supplementing with high-quality collagen is another double-win. It not only helps replenish the collagen skin needs to bounce back, but also boosts antioxidant activity to help fight future damage to both skin and hair.

3. Maintain a consistent sleep-wake cycle  

They call it beauty sleep for good reason: Insufficient sleep can affect overall metabolic health and lead to negative impacts on sensitive organs like hair follicles. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day has an almost magic effect on vitality and overall wellness, including supporting a healthy hair growth cycle by balancing cortisol hormones. 

Stress adaptogens have the benefit of supporting sleep (especially sleep thrown off by stress), giving you yet another reason to add them into your daily routine. Other sleep hacks include capping caffeine intake six hours before bed, getting regular exercise, turning your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary, and limiting pre-sleep screen time. 

4. Limit toxins from your environment

There’s no getting around it: we live in a toxic world. Your hair products, your breakfast, and the air your breathe can all be hidden avenues of toxic exposure. This spells bad news for hair, as toxins have the capability to damage hair follicles and impair the systems our body usually utilizes to keep them protected and flourishing, impacting everything from the microbiome to hormones to DNA. 

While we can’t control everything about our environment, the good news is we have the power to avoid some of our exposure and support how our body handles the rest. 

Here are some detoxifiying practices to adopt ASAP:

  • Choose organic, pesticide-free foods whenever possible
  • Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables (especially green veggies)
  • Avoid personal care products with known toxic offenders
  • Supplement with vitamins E and C
  • Supplement with the antioxidants curcumin and resveratrol 

By supplementing with these antioxidant powerhouses, all found in Nutrafol Men, you can boost your body’s ability to combat the oxidative stress of toxins and help protect hair and skin cells. 

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