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10 Hair Wellness Gifts That Are Pure Luxury


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By April Walloga2020-12-15

We’ve said it before: Hair care is self-care. And in 2020, is there any better gift than that? Even better, when hair care on the outside is combined with hair wellness from within, that’s when our follicles really feel the love. To help you give loved ones (or yourself!) the best of both worlds, we’ve assembled our favorite holiday gifts to grow and nurture healthy hair from the inside-out. 

1. The ultimate scalp massager, $20

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We love this Vanity Planet scalp massager’s washable bristles that gently massage and stimulate blood flow to your follicles. Use it while you’re Netflixing on the couch or to massage in a hair and scalp treatment. While scalp massage doesn’t directly grow hair, the circulatory boost can support scalp and follicle health, as well as provide amazing stress relief. Bonus: This one vibrates! 

2. A deluxe supplement case, $20

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If you’re serious about supplements, you need your space. This Port and Polish supplement case has room for your Nutrafol and then some. Plus, it’s chicly designed and comes with a large mirror for those midday hair checks. You know, because with all that new growth, flyaways and hairline sprouts tend to jump out of place.  

3. Curly hair tools fit for royalty, $85

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There are a lot of great brushes and combs out there, but we love Pattern Beauty for our curly girls and guys especially. Designed by Tracee Ellis Ross, this kit includes a shower brush, hair pick, wide-tooth comb, edge tool, mist bottle, hair clip, and microfiber towel. What we love most about Pattern Beauty is how its gifts give back: A portion of every purchase supports organizations that empower women and people of color.

4. Anti-dandruff for dudes, from $3 

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It’s a fact: Men suffer more from dandruff than women. Chalk it up to hormones or a laissez faire attitude toward hair care, but guys need extra scalp TLC. We love Harry’s Anti-Dandruff line for its approachable price, simple packaging, and commitment to paraben- and sulfate-free ingredients. Choose from eight anti-dandruff products available à la carte or by subscription; there’s even an option to engrave his name on the bottles! 

5. Silk scrunchies, $39

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If you’re working on your hair health, you don’t want abrasive hair ties breaking, creasing, or pulling a single one of your precious strands. Slip is the O.G. of silk hair ties (and pillowcases… and sleeping masks…) and they have a special if you know, you know caché that the beauty mavens on your list will appreciate. 

6. Dyson hair tools, from $399

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Dyson hair tools aren’t the gold standard because of their luxury price tag. Four years, $71 million, and 1,000 miles of human hair went into engineering the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer to be the safest heat tool on the planet. The pricey dryer comes with five attachments that have 16 patents pending. The same level of tech OCD goes into the making of its curling and straightening tools. Audible squeals are practically guaranteed at the opening of these gifts! 

7. Nutrafol hair growth supplements, from $79 

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Giving the gift of Nutrafol is a whole-body treat. With formulas for men, women, and women experiencing peri- and post-menopause, Nutrafol uses medical-grade, natural ingredients to promote hair growth and well-being with side benefits like less stress, deeper sleep, healthier skin, and improved sex drive. Purchase a subscription for your loved one and they can take advantage of exclusive member benefits like one-on-one naturopathic doctor consultations and a hair mineral analysis test to get to know their hair on a deeper level. 

8. A chic wellness diary, $32.99

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Papier offers a whole range of wellness journals for 2021. Pages are filled with daily prompts for intentions, meal planning, sleep quality, self-care, activity, and more. We’re definitely gifting ourselves one these so we can log “take my four-a-day” in our intentions every day. 

9. A quick-dry hair turban, $55

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Muaves hair turbans are quietly building a cult following on Instagram. These plush satin hair wraps are made of microfiber and enrobed in stretch satin for comfort and smoothing effects. Rather than raking your hair through a scratchy towel, the hair turban envelops your freshly showered tresses and reduces dampness until you’re ready to air-dry or blow-dry. You can also sleep in them for protective styling. 

10. The cutest shower cap ever, $24

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No-wash days can be extremely good for your hair and its natural oils. The trouble is showering without ruining your blow-out or perfectly air-dried curls. Enter Kitsch shower caps, a stylish raincoat for hair that can be worn in the shower, at the pool, or wherever your hair needs cover. 

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