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The Facts About Biotin for Hair Growth – Is Your Hair Healthy?

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Hair strands have little “shingles” or “tiles” that can be broken off by things like blow drying, which results in thinning hair. One treatment for healthier hair could be Biotin, because it helps rebuild those “tiles.”

This is explained by Dr. Memet Oz to Diane Sawyer on ABC News. He says that by looking at the condition of someone’s hair you can immediately tell whether it’s a hormonal or thyroid problem, or if they have been exposed to toxins and chemicals.

Biotin for Hair Growth: Just how does it work?

Biotin, sometimes called Vitamin H, is one of the B Vitamins. The B’s aid energy by converting carbohydrates into glucose and metabolizing fats and proteins.

Specifically, biotin helps produce amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. That’s why it’s so recommended for strengthening hair (and skin); after all, hair does consist of keratin, which is really a form of protein. That all contributes to cell growth, and that is how it works.

Humans don’t require a lot of biotin; in fact, the number’s so minute, there’s no RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance), according to the Mayo Clinic. That’s not necessarily a good thing, though, because the numbers are so varied that it can be easy to underestimate our need, or even think that if we take a B-Complex vitamin, it’s good enough to reverse our thinning hair.

Hair Loss Can be a Symptom of a Biotin Deficiency

Biotin is water soluble, which means we don’t store it, and there are some things that can increase our need.

Usually, the bacteria in our intestines manufacture biotin, so if you’ve had your stomach removed, your body will no longer be able to do so. Pregnancy increases the need for biotin, as the fluctuating hormones in combination with the physical and emotional stress, can all accelerate hair loss.

Raw-foodists and athletes who love their raw egg drinks in the morning need to be careful of raw egg whites. They contain a protein called avidin that binds to the biotin, interfering with absorption, and is almost irreversible according to the National Institutes of Health.

Antibiotics, anti-seizure medications, and smoking can all lower biotin levels.

Healthy Hair from the Inside Out

A poor diet can also trigger physical and emotional stress, hormone imbalance, vitamin deficiency, accelerated aging and more, and can be a vicious cycle. Biotin is found naturally in foods like mushrooms, turkey, tuna, salmon, halibut, avocado, eggs (cooked, please!), nuts, seeds, berries and fruit. Swiss chard is a major biotin-producer; it’s also an antioxidant so it fights aging, which we all know is another cause of hair loss. Carrots also contain a pretty good supply of biotin.

However, if you’re losing your hair, you’ll want a supplement that addresses the possible causes, such as Nutrafol, which contains biotin to support strong, healthy hair.

While biotin toxicity would be extremely rare and unlikely, proper dosage is crucial and there is such a thing as too much! Be on the look-out for slower release of insulin, skin rashes, lower vitamin C and B6 levels, as well as high blood sugar levels.

Vitamins Alone won’t Cut it

We have done a lot of research at Nutrafol and have seen the new science. It suggests a combination of internal (such as stress, nutritional deficiency and illness) and external (such as environmental toxins) triggers can create a never-ending cascade of free radicals (those rogue cells responsible for aging and disease) and oxidative stress. So it is important to have a holistic view and work on your health – inside and out.

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