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A Guide To Your First 3 Months On Nutrafol

Hair Health

4 Min Read

By April Walloga2020-11-25

Welcome to the beginning of your hair growth journey with Nutrafol! You’ve decided to take control of your hair health and it’s time to get growing. 

This three-month guide explains how to take your Nutrafol, how to use our services, and how to track your progress and integrate small (and enjoyable!) hair wellness habits into your life. 

Can you skip ahead and do month two hair wellness habits during month one? Absolutely, you overachiever, you. This guide is flexible to whatever feels right for you — whether that means doing a little more or a little less. The most important thing is to consistently take your four Nutrafol pills a day, every day.

Month One: Getting started

You’re setting the stage for hair growth by consistently taking your Nutrafol and joining our network of support. 

Month One Checklist: 

  • Set a routine for taking your Nutrafol  
  • Take before photos to track your progress 
  • Book your first naturopathic doctor consult 
  • Join the Nutrafol community

Taking Nutrafol
Simply take four capsules once daily with a meal. Where you keep your Nutrafol is key to building a routine. Here’s a list of places to store your bottle so you never forget to take your four-a-day. If you miss a day or two, that’s OK. Get back on track ASAP and stay consistent going forward. Bonus: You can even add Nutrafol to your smoothies!   

Before photos
Take your before photos in front of a clean white wall with natural light. Capture your right and left temple/hairline areas, the top of your head (simply tilt your head forward for this one), and, if you have a helper, the back of your head. Tip: Make sure the sunlight is behind the camera lens, not in front of it. Check out these Nutrafol before and afters for inspiration. 

Your first ND consult
Nutrafol subscribers can book free one-on-one consultations with a naturopathic doctor (ND). Your ND will help you identify root causes and put together a personalized hair growth strategy with diet and lifestyle advice to help you succeed. Click here to book.

Our community
You’re already here! Welcome. The Nutrafol blog is your source for weekly hair growth tips, success stories from other Nutrafol users, and expert advice from physicians. Next, follow us on Instagram to join our close friends group (just DM us and we’ll add you) and make sure you’re signed up for emails to get insider info and access to digital events.

Month Two: Hair Wellness 101 

The ingredients in Nutrafol are taking effect by improving whole-body wellness to support hair growth. In month two, Nutrafol users may notice less stress, better sleep, and reduced hair shedding. You can enhance your results even further by practicing the hair wellness habits below. 

Month Two Checklist: 

  • Start a hair wellness journal 
  • Maintain a consistent sleep-wake cycle 
  • Use meditation or a calming hobby to manage stress 

This can be as simple as using the notes app on your phone. When you notice a change in your hair health (less shedding!) or overall wellness (lower stress, better sleep), log what’s happening along with the date. This will help you track your progress and also make for great conversation in your next ND consultation.

Sleep-wake cycle
Your sleep-wake cycle is the time you wake up and the time you go to bed. Try to keep these times consistent and get at least seven hours of sleep per night. The ashwagandha in Nutrafol has been shown to improve sleep, but check out these sleep tips if you need extra help falling asleep.  

Whether you download a meditation app like Headspace or find solace in a meditative hobby like gardening or drawing, aim to clear your mind for at least five to 10 minutes a day. This small daily ritual adds up in a big way to moderate your stress response and lower cortisol levels. 

Month Three: Results! 

It’s all happening — Nutrafol users see thicker, faster-growing hair in month three. These results are motivation to keep taking your four-a-day and continue the hair wellness habits from month two while adding a few new ones that we think you’ll love. 

Month Three Checklist:

  • Picture time! Take three-month progress photos 
  • Check in with your Nutrafol ND
  • Eat more whole and organic foods 
  • Limit heat styling and switch to clean hair care 

Progress photos
Go back to the spot where you took your before photos and capture the same angles for your three-month pictures. Pat yourself on the back because you’ve put in the work and your body is grateful.  

ND follow-up
Month three is a great time to reconnect with your Nutrafol ND. You can discuss your three-month progress, talk about what’s working (and what’s not), and build on your personalized hair growth strategy.

Metabolism and nutrition are two of the major root causes of poor hair health. Now is a great time to add more whole and organic foods to your daily meal plan. Here’s a list of foods to enjoy and avoid for healthy hair. 

Limit overstyling
Another root cause of poor hair health is overstyling. This can be daily heat damage from curling and flat ironing, or buildup from hair care products loaded with chemicals. Check out our guide to heat styling dos and don’ts and switch to paraben- and sulfate-free hair products wherever possible. If you really want to dissect your hair care labels, we made a list of 16 ingredients to avoid

Remember, you can always reach out to us at any point in your hair growth journey. Chat with our support team, talk to a naturopathic doctor, or DM us on Instagram

We’re here for you and your hair. 

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