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How To Add Nutrafol To Cold Summer Recipes


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By Dr. Kali Olsen, ND2020-07-16

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Nutrafol is a natural hair growth supplement made to be taken with food, but did you know the capsules can be opened and emptied into cold treats like smoothies and açai bowls? 

Simply twist the capsule and pull it open to release the plant-powered ingredients into food. Just be sure to only incorporate Nutrafol into cold recipes. You see, once ingredients like vitamin A, C, D, and E are exposed to heat, they can become more sensitive and unstable, impacting their potency and effectiveness. However, incorporating your Nutrafol into cold recipes can actually slow down nutrient breakdown and protect the hair-supporting ingredients as they travel through your body. So you can certainly add Nutrafol to foods like your morning smoothie, but remember to drink up sooner rather than later, as letting it sit around for too long leaves the ingredients vulnerable to losing nutrient power. 

Now that you know how to add Nutrafol to food, read on for some chilled summer recipes that you can sprinkle your four pills a day into.

Summer Smoothie Bowl

Photo credit: Oh She Glows

This customizable smoothie bowl is full of nutrient-packed ingredients to fuel your body and support the absorption of Nutrafol. Ice and frozen fruit will help keep your ingredients cool, while avocado offers a boost of healthy fat and hemp hearts round out your recipe with protein.

Click here for recipe.

Cucumber Gazpacho

Photo credit: Full of Plants

Cold soup in the summer is underrated, especially when it’s packed with beneficial fat like cashews and coconut milk. This gazpacho recipe lets you add Nutrafol to a more savory meal. For this preparation, we recommend adding Nutrafol at the end: simply portion out your soup, add your Nutrafol, and give it a quick stir before eating.

Click here for recipe.

Green Smoothie Bowl

Photo credit: Parsley Vegan

Looking to incorporate some new ingredients in your smoothie bowl? This spinach and spirulina mix from Parsley Vegan is a nice change of pace. Frozen banana and spinach keeps things cool, while pumpkin seeds bring some good fat and omega 3s to the party.

Click here for recipe.

Tomato-Watermelon Gazpacho

Photo credit: Love & Olive Oil

Another gazpacho recipe for you! This time, starring watermelon. Like we mentioned before, start by making and cooling the full recipe. Wait until you’ve served your portion before adding in Nutrafol. And don’t forget that drizzle of olive oil as your final touch.

Click here for recipe.

Chocolate Chip Mint Smoothie

Photo credit: Sunkissed Kitchen

This mint smoothie recipe is sure to come in handy when the summer heat is in full swing. We suggest using the optional protein powder — and feel free to use ice cubes instead of bananas if you don’t have any on hand or want to cut down on sugar.  

Click here for recipe.

Broccoli Salad With Almond Dressing

Photo credit: Pinch of Yum

Looking to get really creative with your Nutrafol? Add it to salad dressing. You can make this recipe in full, keeping the dressing separate (and chilled) until mealtime. When you’re ready to eat, portion out your dressing, add in your Nutrafol, and give it another quick blend. Be sure to serve immediately, as it won’t stay cold for very long. 

Click here for recipe.

Chocolate Protein Shake

Photo credit: Mama Bear Bliss

Simple and to the point, this recipe makes adding your Nutrafol to a meal easy, especially if protein shakes are already part of your routine. Just ensure you’re using frozen bananas as recommended, or add a few ice cubes to keep this cold.

Click here for recipe.

Thai Salad With Peanut Dressing

Photo credit: All The Healthy Things

Want to have Nutrafol for dinner? This savory salad is better than takeout — and much healthier. Remember to add Nutrafol to your portion of dressing at the very end, and make sure the salad ingredients stay chilled before serving.  

Click here for recipe.

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