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8 Ways To Deal With Split Ends


10 Min Read

By Nutrafol Team2019-10-22

Odds are you’ve seen split end treatments and products that claim to restore split ends or fix breakage. Well, that’s all a sham. 

Once a split end is a split end, there’s no curing it. Sure, there are products and techniques to smooth ends and make them look healthier, but ultimately, the true and honest “How to Get Rid of Split Ends Guide” has only one step: cut those bad boys off. 

The unfortunate truth about split ends might seem dismal to those of us trying to grow out our hair or avoid frequent haircuts — because the real route to avoiding split ends for good lies in prevention. So, just stop worrying about how to get rid of split ends and focus on making your hair healthy enough to avoid them. 

Keep scrolling for 10 pro tips for preventing split ends — from heat tool fundamentals to daily hair pampering.  

1. Be careful when brushing wet hair. 

Wet hair breaks more easily than dry hair, so we’ve got to treat it gently. There are certain brushes that are better at preventing damage than others, such as the Wet brush. If you want to really play it safe, try not to brush your hair at all until it’s dry. For a happy medium, find a wide-tooth comb for those wet tangles. It also helps to spray leave-in conditioner on wet hair before you brush it. 

2. Don’t wash your hair every single day.

There are lots of reasons to train your hair to go at least three to four days without washing. For one thing, wet hair is more prone to breakage and damage. Washing hair every day also leads to heat styling more often, as well as preventing hair from absorbing its natural, healthy oils.  

When you do wash your hair, treat it like a baby — gently! Unless you just went on a mud run or something, you probably don’t have too much dirt in your hair. Gently rub the shampoo into your scalp and draw it down your hair. There’s no need to vigorously scrub the ends of your hair. 

You should also make sure that your shampoo and conditioner are fit for the job. Look for paraben-, sulfate-, and alcohol-free formulas to avoid dry strands and the absorption of “dirty” ingredients into the body. It’s a good sign if water is one of the first three ingredients in your conditioner.

3. Be careful with heat tools. 

Laying off the heat may be the hair tip we hear most, but it isn’t easy to go heat-free without sacrificing your style. One of the easiest ways to reduce hair’s exposure to heat is to preserve your style by going longer between washes. Good rules of thumb for safe heat tool use are to opt for blow-drying over curling or straightening, keep the heat below 400 degrees, and don’t use more than one heat tool on the same day. For example, if using a curling iron, let your hair air-dry, and if blow-drying, avoid using a straightener afterward. 

Lastly, use the concentrator attachment that came with your blow-dryer; it’s the one that looks like a V-shaped funnel. The concentrated air flow will decrease flyaways and the extra length provides a buffer between your hair and the tip of your blow-dryer, which is the hottest point.

4. Use deep conditioning masks. 

Deep conditioning one or two times a week helps moisturize the hair and soften the appearance of split ends. When you deep condition, don’t go over 30 minutes or you’ll end up leaving your hair with more split ends. Treatments should focus on the tips of your hair. 

Learn how to trim split ends below.

5. Get frequent trims. 

It’s impossible to completely avoid split ends. Even with the best hair health and care, you’re going to experience some breakage along the way. Trimming your hair is a sure-fire way to completely get rid of a split end. If you’re concerned about losing length, ask your hairstylist for a dusting. When a stylist dusts your hair, they preserve the most length. 

How to trim your split ends at home: If you’re feeling ambitious (or maybe too lazy for a hair appointment) you can grab a pair of scissors and cut off your own split ends. Weave a small chunk of hair under your pointer finger, over your middle finger, and back under your ring finger. This will push the ends of your hair up, revealing any split ends so you can cut them off as you see them.

6. Pamper your ends with argan oil. 

Adding the right oils to your hair not only helps when trying to figure out how to prevent split ends, but also works as a split end treatment. We recommend argan oil over others because the size of the oil’s molecules actually allow it to get into the hair shaft. This delivers quality moisture to your hair quickly. This hydration will keep your hair looking healthy, reduce breakage, and provide a smoother texture. 

7. Add some satin to your life. 

Your hair is the perfect excuse to embrace luxury living with satin sheets, pillowcases, or even satin-lined hoodies and jackets. When your hair rubs against coarser materials, it has a tendency to snap and break. Satin prevents this by treating your hair gently. 

8. Nurture your hair from within. 

Hair wellness starts from within, and so should your hair care regimen. The benefits of all the tips above are greatly compounded by taking Nutrafol, a natural hair supplement made with ingredients clinically proven to improve hair growth. With products for women, men, and women experiencing menopause, Nutrafol is physician-formulated and recommended by over 1,500 doctors and dermatologists. Take four pills a day with water and a healthy meal, or try emptying the capsules into a delicious smoothie

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