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12 People Who Transformed Their Hair With Nutrafol

Hair Stories

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By Nutrafol Team2020-03-19

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Here at Nutrafol, we like to say, “We’re here for your hair” — and that doesn’t just mean delivering you our products. 

We know how hair thinning can chip away at everything from your confidence to your social life. The effects can be life-altering. And you need support to help you get to the other side, which is why we offer one-on-one consultations with our in-house naturopathic doctors. They’re here to help you understand your root causes and stay on track to reach your hair goals.

"It is so fulfilling when a customer emails or calls you and can't wait to show you their progress," says Dr. Melissa Anzelone, ND, who has helped countless subscribers transform their hair with Nutrafol.

As a team, we celebrate every time a subscriber sends us their success story. Whether you call our customer service team, tag us on Instagram, or email us, your “before and growing” results are why we do what we do. 

Jonathon, age 38 

Results after 13 months on Nutrafol

This is Jonathon before and during his 13-month Nutrafol journey. “Nutrafol was conscious of the fact that younger men deal with these issues, too, and wasn’t afraid to speak to them,” he says. “I definitely felt my hair get thicker and stronger overall.”

Teresa, age 48 

Results after three years on Nutrafol

Teresa says her hair started thinning at 24 years old. After years of hair coloring, overstyling, and experiencing high stress, she started to see her scalp through her hair. With Nutrafol, she reports her hair became thicker and shinier. This is her incredible progress after three years.

Amaan, age 42 

“After the first six months, I started to notice my hair getting thicker,” Amaan tells us. A few months later, he says his friends and family started to notice, too. “The results have far exceeded my expectations,” he says. “A few weeks after incorporating Nutrafol, I started to feel much better. Nutrafol addresses the root causes of your hair issues while also helping to balance your sleep and stress.”

Lera, age 35 

Results after eight months on Nutrafol

Growing up in the Ukraine, where there are limited regulations on environmental pollutants, Lera says her hair has always been brittle and thin. She first started noticing hair issues when she was a teenager and struggled for years to find a solution. With Nutrafol, she found exactly what she needed to improve her hair health. “Nutrafol made my hair very shiny and gave it its life back,” Lera says. 

Wendy, age 60+ 

Results after six months on Nutrafol

After six months of taking Nutrafol Women’s Balance, Wendy saw better scalp coverage on the top of her head. “The center had very bad thinning,” she says. “I could only style my hair in certain ways. After using Nutrafol, my hair is so much fuller and vibrant. I feel more confident.”

Name changed for privacy 

Justeenia, age 48 

Results after three months on Nutrafol

After an extremely stressful event, Justeenia noticed thinning at the back of her head. But after just three months on Nutrafol Women’s Balance, her hair was thicker and fuller, and her texture had improved. She credits this to the adaptogen ingredients like maca and ashwagandha found in the Women’s Balance formula. 

Jon, age 22

Results after three months on Nutrafol

Stress from working night shifts while completing his bachelor’s degree had started taking a toll on Jon’s hair. After discovering more and more hair in the shower and on his pillow, Jon started taking Nutrafol. After three months, he noticed more scalp coverage. “Saw palmetto, an ingredient in Nutrafol, helps target DHT, the hormone responsible for Jon’s hair thinning,” Dr. Tess Marshall, ND, a naturopathic doctors at Nutrafol, explains. 

Marina, 50+ 

Results after six months on Nutrafol

Marina noticed her hair was thinning due to frequent dyeing and overstyling. After six months on Nutrafol Women’s Balance, she saw an increase in thickness, volume, and shine. “I started styling my hair differently to cover up what was happening,” she says. “It was embarrassing. After using Nutrafol for six months, I see more growth and my part is getting smaller again. Now I feel more confident.”

Name has been changed for privacy

Kyron, age 43

Results after four months on Nutrafol

In his early 40s, Kyron noticed the quality of his hair was suffering due to physical stress and a diet lacking optimal nutrition. A friend introduced him to Nutrafol, and after four months he saw better scalp coverage. “I fell in love with Nutrafol for its natural properties,” he says. “My confidence level is back.”


Liza, age 28 

Results after 11 months on Nutrafol

At 28, Liza realized her hair was losing its fullness, so she began taking Nutrafol. “I noticed an increase in hair growth after 11 months on Nutrafol,” she says. “It improved my hair texture considerably!”

Natallia, 48 

Results after three months on Nutrafol

“As a new mom and a dermatologist, I noticed my hair wasn’t as full as it was in the past,” Dr. Natallia says. “After taking Nutrafol, my hair became more dense, especially around the temple areas, and much shinier! I am impressed by the quality of ingredients in Nutrafol.”

Brenda, 43

Results after six months on Nutrafol

After six months of taking Nutrafol Women’s Balance, Brenda had major growth around her temples and noticed an increase in overall thickness. “My hair was thinning more and more with time,” she says. “After taking Nutrafol, I noticed my hair was more full and I feel so much better about myself.”

Name changed for privacy


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