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The First-Ever OBGYN-Developed Postpartum Hair Supplement

Hair Health

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By The Nutrafol Team2021-06-16

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Hair shedding and thinning is a normal postpartum experience, caused by a natural shift in hormones after giving birth. That said, seeing your hair fall out at a rapid rate can be scary and an added stressor during an already overwhelming time. This change in hair quality and growth rate is caused by many factors including the physical stress of the body trying to heal after childbirth, the emotional stress of a new routine, and an increased demand for nutrients while breastfeeding.

Nutrafol has always been committed to providing innovative and holistic, yet effective, solutions for thinning hair, and now it’s introducing a first-of-its-kind, OBGYN-developed hair supplement specifically formulated for the needs of women post-childbirth.

According to Dr. Anne Kennard, a board-certified OBGYN who helped develop Nutrafol Postpartum, “Hair thinning is one of the most common and frustrating issues that women experience in the postpartum stage of life. I’ve worked with thousands of women who experienced postpartum hair thinning, but never truly understood the weight of it until it happened to me.”

In fact, at least 50% of women struggle with thinning hair postpartum according to the American Pregnancy Association. With this in mind, Nutrafol’s team of researchers and physicians, including Dr. Kennard, set out to better understand postpartum hair biology and the unique needs of women during this period of recovery, specifically the root causes of shedding after childbirth. The result? A natural supplement that uses bio-optimized, clinically-tested ingredients to help women confidently navigate postpartum shedding and grow healthier hair.

Nutrafol Postpartum features Synergen Recovery Complex®—a nourishing blend of botanicals like Shatavari, Omega 3s, and Apple Extract that were carefully selected based on their clinical evidence for hair growth and wellness after childbirth. The daily supplement uses natural ingredients to target common root causes of thinning hair during this transition, like nutritional gaps, physical stress from childbirth, and the emotional stress of a new routine, to help manage shedding and boost growth with effective ingredients. Unlike other options on the market, Nutrafol Postpartum is breastfeeding-friendly, compatible with prenatal and multivitamins, and can be taken immediately after childbirth. Many of its natural ingredients are known to be used during lactation and can provide secondary benefits like supporting a stable mood, healthier skin, less stress, and relaxation—which can help with sleep and energy demands during this period.

“In our research, we found that women are most likely to see thinning hair in times of stress, after childbirth, and in menopause. But we also saw that there were no good options for women who wanted postpartum hair growth help despite this being a time when their bodies have very specific needs and may be experiencing added stress,” said Dr. Sophia Kogan, co-founder and Chief Medical Advisor at Nutrafol. “Our expansion into the postpartum wellness space is a result of ongoing research, and listening to the needs of our incredible customers and physician partners. We are committed to empowering women to embrace their unique hair growth journeys and providing support every step of the way.”

Nutrafol Postpartum was formulated for women to take after childbirth through their first year postpartum, or longer if they are still breastfeeding. While it is always recommended to speak with your healthcare provider before starting any new supplement, Nutrafol Postpartum was developed to be compatible with most multi-vitamins. Nutrafol’s naturopathic doctors are also available to answer any questions.

Ready to try Nutrafol Postpartum for yourself?

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