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7 Self-Care Rituals For Hair, Skin & Wellness 


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By April Walloga2020-12-03

Fun fact: “Self-care” isn’t a new term invented to sell more yoga mats. 

Its origins go all the way back to Socrates, whose “care of the soul” philosophy made its way into the medical community as “self-care” and was used by physicians long before wellness juggernauts like Goop even existed. 

But there’s a reason self-care feels new: In April 2020, Google recorded more searches for the term than ever before (#quarantine). We’re at peak self-care! Everyone’s talking about it, but somehow many still don’t know what it means. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines self-care as promoting and maintaining health, which extends to everything from nutrition to taking care of your hair and skin. 

Ask yourself, “What do I need to feel healthy and balanced?” and that is what self-care is for you. The good news is that practicing self-care in any form is good for your mental health — and that is extremely good news for your hair, as stress is a top culprit of hair thinning. 

Here are some hair, skin, and wellness rituals to make you feel cared for from the inside out. 

1. Taking movement breaks

Daily movement, whether it’s climbing up and down the stairs a few times, going for a walk in the fresh air, or taking a virtual exercise class, is a treat for your whole body. It’s been known to help with stress, sleep, and metabolism, all of which are key to healthy hair growth. Even if it’s only 15 minutes, clearing your schedule for a movement break is self-care. Check out these easy yoga moves for some quick and restorative stretches

2. Supplementing with stress adaptogens

To address stress from within, the stress adaptogen ashwagandha is clinically shown to lower elevated cortisol in chronically stressed adults and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. A small herb grown in India, ashwagandha becomes mighty when standardized and bio-optimized to the highest quality as it is in Nutrafol hair growth supplements. This natural ingredient is also known to help with better sleep, mood, and higher libido (because sex is definitely self-care). 

3. Making time for meditation and meditative hobbies

“Meditation and yoga have been shown to physically decrease levels of stress hormones and the activation of the sympathetic nervous system,” says Dr. Sophia Kogan, MD, co-founder and chief medical advisor at Nutrafol. Even five minutes of meditation a day on apps like Headspace or Calm can keep chronic stress at bay. If that’s not for you, Dr. Kogan also recommends meditative hobbies like reading, journaling, gardening, crafting, cooking, and drawing. Experiment until you find what’s right for you. “It’s whatever brings you joy and makes you feel lighter,” says Dr. Kogan.

4. Hydrating hair and skin from the inside out

We all know drinking water is key. Eight glasses a day is sufficient for most adults, but you can find detailed guidelines on daily water consumption here. And yes, tea and coffee count, as do some juices and even milk. Another way to keep your skin and hair hydrated is to supplement with highly absorptive hydrolyzed marine collagen (a key ingredient of Nutrafol). Known to promote scalp hydration and health, collagen imparts elasticity and firmness to the skin.

5. Making regular health and wellness appointments

That dermatologist appointment you keep rescheduling because you’re always busy? The therapist your friend recommended but you haven’t reached out to yet? It’s time to put health and wellness appointments at the top of your priority list. Especially if you’re trying to improve your hair and skin, the guidance and care of a board-certified dermatologist is essential. Everything else can wait! Health first.

6. Healthy cooking and meal planning

Your body deserves the very best. Sometimes that means a home-cooked meal and sometimes it means ordering from Sweetgreen. And of course we all know there will be pizza and tacos, but rather than focusing on eating less of those things, focus on eating more whole and organic foods. Loading up on nutrient-dense foods and keeping your metabolism in check also helps hair grow long and strong. From nut butters to avocados, here’s a list of foods to enjoy and avoid for healthy hair. Eat up!

7. Habit stacking for the win!

Finally, self-care should not feel like work. One of the best ways to avoid wellness burnout is to habit stack. It’s basically stacking a new habit on top of an existing one so you never forget anything or feel overwhelmed.

Here are some habit-stacking ideas for self-care: 

  • Water + Supplements: If you drink a glass of water every morning, take your supplements at the same time. Or, if you take your supplements every day with a swig of water, switch to a full glass or jug to up your water intake. You can also make water and supplements your pre-workout ritual for a triple-threat! 
  • Movement + Entertainment: Try timing your daily movement to your favorite show, because a little yoga during “Real Housewives” is the ultimate in balance if you ask us.  
  • Health & Wellness Appointments + Meal Planning: When you plan your meals and make your grocery list for the week, go ahead and schedule and record your health and wellness appointments at the same time. Exercise classes and hair and nail appointments can go in the calendar, too! 
  • Meditation + Skin Care Routine: Like Dr. Kogan said, even five minutes of meditation or a meditative hobby a day is self-care. Try doing this right after your nightly skin care routine to help you wind down for a peaceful night’s sleep.

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