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This 55-Year-Old Model Has The Most Enviable Hair On Instagram

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By April Walloga2020-06-02

As part of an ongoing effort to raise the conversation around women’s hair health and empower women to take charge, we’re talking to women in the spotlight about all things hair. This week, we got the powerful perspective of “embrace the gray” muse Caroline Labouchere. 

Thanks to unapologetic women like Caroline Labouchere, going gray is a power move. And a glamorous one, to boot. 

“I stand out and I am used to being different. I own it — shoulders back, standing tall, feeling regal,” says Labouchere, who describes herself as a “55-year-old gray ambassador” in her Instagram bio. The mom of two decided to take up modeling at age 54 and within no time her career was minted in the pages of British Vogue and her Instagram eclipsed 140,000 fans. Clearly she is a force with superheroine hair — and we want to know all of her secrets. 

Below, the Dubai-based model and social media muse talks gray hair care, daily wellness rituals, and how she’s taken control of her hair health with Nutrafol. 

What is your relationship to your hair?

CAROLINE LABOUCHERE: My hair has been many colors, but I have never been as proud of it as I am now. The shades of gray are glorious and they start conversations. My silver tones gave me a new career and made me feel brave for the first time in my life.

“Embrace the gray” has become a social media movement to celebrate magical hair like yours. What does that term mean to you?

CAROLINE: First, take your friends with you! You shouldn’t go it alone on the gray journey. Second, be sure you are ready. There are plenty of shortcuts, so make sure you elicit good advice wherever you can. Ask the world for help on social media, as well as from fellow gray-hair tribe members and professional hairdressers!

My hair is long and strong, and while I try to get all my nutrition from my diet, I see Nutrafol as an insurance policy.

You live a very balanced and healthy lifestyle to support your hair and skin. What are your morning wellness rituals?

CAROLINE: For wellness and energy, I run two to six miles every day. This is my thinking time. I wake up naturally to first light from 5:30 to 6 am and run in the early morning, as I like to avoid direct sunlight for both my skin and hair health. My second ritual is coffee.

Why did you choose Nutrafol for your hair wellness?

CAROLINE: I started taking Nutrafol at the beginning of the year because I wanted the best for my hair. My hair is long and strong, and while I try to get all my nutrition from my diet, I see Nutrafol as an insurance policy — prevention rather than cure. I love to see the baby hairs growing around my face like a halo.

I have never been as proud of [my hair] as I am now.

How do you remember to take your Nutrafol every day?

CAROLINE: I keep my pill organizer near my workstation to remind me to take my Women’s Balance with breakfast or lunch. 

What’s your best model hair tip for looking glamorous in a hurry?

CAROLINE: If I leave the house with damp hair, I tie it into a twisted tight bun. When I let it down later, it’s smooth, soft, and wavy. 

How has Nutrafol helped you take control of your hair wellness?  

CAROLINE: Nutrafol makes me feel in control of my hair wellness as there is no chance that my hair doesn’t get what it needs, whatever else is going on in my life. By using Nutrafol, I know that I am doing the best I can for healthy hair.


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